Saama Technologies Donated 10 computers for VGLUG and Inagurated Kabilar Computer Center

At Feb 20 2022, Sunday, Villupuram GNU/Linux users group (VGLUG) inaugurated “Kabilar Computer Center” at their office.



VGLUG is promoting Free/Open Source software by building a strong GNU/Linux users community at Villupuram, Tamilnadu, for around ten years. They conduct weekly meetups, Software Freedom Day, Hackathons, Workshops etc. Recently to got a new Office to conduct regular training on various FOSS technologies.


Saama Technologies has dontated 10 computers to VGLUG, to support their activities. With these computers, VGLUG team started a Computer center, with GNU/Linux installed in all computers.

For the inaguration event, a bunch of folks from Saama, went there. Happy to have Rakesh – India Head of Saama, Malaikannan – VP of Engineering, Naresh, Praveen, Prithvi, Barath, Yuvaraj, Vishnu, Sathish, Vidhya, Viji, Kowsalya, Selvakumar, Tamil, Naveen,myself participated in the event.

All the VGLUG members, Dhilip sir and many school kids attended the event.





Khaleel, Sathish, Haripriya, Manimaran, Keerthana welcomed the guests with a memento.

Rakesh Inaugurated the Kabilar computer center and gave a good talk on how tech communities are helping people to grow on industry and how companies can help to grow the communities. He elaborated how technology can bring great improvements to life.





Dhilip sir explained how the Tamilnadu government is working hard to bring technology and knowledge to students.


Then, Malai, Prithvi, Praveen gave a small on recent trends on the technologies, Job opportunities, Skill gap and how students can contribute to Free Software.




I spoke about why we have to use GNU/Linux as the Desktop OS in all places. Using GNU/Linux will give more power, knowledge and opportunities to grow and contribute back. GNU/Linux is not just an Operating System. It is Life Style. It opens up the mind and heart. It will enable us to think for all human in the world.

Karkee spoke about their project “100 VGLUG 100 Village”. It is an excellent initiative to create 100 GNU/Linux users groups in 100 villages at Villupuram District. Though it may seem a high dream, they already started to implement this at 3 Villages.

Senthamilan from Panambattu Village GLUG, explained how a community library is helping people there to grow on knowledge and skills. photo1645864409-3.jpeg

Ramaiya attended the workshops on Python, Flutter and got job. He explained how participating on all VGLUG events helped him to get a job and grow on the job very well.


Sivasakthi spoke about how she is learning new technologies at VGLUG and how it is helping her to get career. photo1645864409-2.jpeg

Finally, Viji thanked all for the participation.


Happy to see the school kids started to explore the computers there immediately. Good to see them using the computer quickly.

With good satisfaction and happiness, we stated back to chennai from there.

Thanks VGLUG team for all their great efforts on spreading the Software Freedom. Thanks Saama Technologies for the donations. They will be so helpful. I am So proud to be part of Saama and VGLUG.

My clicks at the event –

Post in tamil –



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