New forum website to discuss Free/Open Source Technologies in Tamil –

A long time dream became real today.

We launched a new forum website to discuss Free/Open Source Technologies in Tamil.

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai – is the school I am studying for 15+ years.
It teaches me to dream big and contributes to bringing those dreams to the real world. , , and all other Tamil Contributions are from the discussions that happened there.
Being with wonderful minds and good hearts can help to do anything.

In our today’s monthly Linux Users Group meet, we launched a a forum website

Here we can discuss anything about Free/Open Source software in Tamil.
Anyone can ask. Anyone can answer.
Questions and Answers can be in Tamil itself.
English is accepted.
But there is no place for any third language like Tanglish.

We welcome you all to participate in this movement of sharing knowledge.
Seeking your support just like you are supporting all Kaniyam Team’s Projects.

We thank Mohan ( Dhanasekar ( and Muthu ( for making this happen.

Thanks to all who are going to ask and answer there.
May the happiness of helping each other be with all of us.

See you there.

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