Happy 4th birthday for FreeTamilEbooks.com

Happy Birthday

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Today, our FreeTamilEbooks.com completes 4 years and enters into 5th year.

303 ebooks, 48 lakh downloads, thousands of readers, hundreds of writers, more new contributors are the wonders of the projects.

We are planning for 5th year, to bring more new ebooks, competition,prizes for writers, contributors, and new action plans etc.

Stay tuned for the announcements.

Thanks for being with us.

Share your thoughts in our discussion forum.






Released 300 Ebooks at FreeTamilEbooks.com

Happy to release our 300th Ebook in Tamil Language at FreeTamilEbooks.com

For new readers, this is a portal to release DRM free Tamil Ebooks with Creative Commons license.

Read more about the project here – http://freetamilebooks.com/about-us/

It is around 4 years journey with the ebooks. Yes. We are completing 4 years next month. All these years gave great happy moments.

Tons of thanks for all writers, contributors and readers. With all your support only, we are going forward to provide even better services for Tamil Language.

Nothing is happier than to see the dreams come true. Thanks for seeing a big dream together and making it real.


Looking for a social media manager for FreeTamilEbooks.com

We are looking for a social media manager for FreeTamilEbooks.com

It is a voluntary task.

The roles are as below

  1. Publish the new ebook arrivals at mailing lists, facebook, google plus, whatsup, telegram groups
  2. Update the XML file https://github.com/kishorek/Free-Tamil-Ebooks/blob/master/booksdb.xml for new ebooks
  3. Monitor Social media and response to queries from readers
  4. Contact bloggers and writers to get new contents

If you are interested in volunteering for this, send an email to FreeTamilEbooksTeam@gmail.com

Join in our forum

and post your interest.


Celebrate 42 lakhs downloads of Free Tamil Ebooks with Us


On July 26, 2013, we started the FreeTamilEbooks.com Project, to create and share Tamil Ebooks in Creative Commons license. We release the ebooks in 4 formats, ePub, Mobi, A4 PDF and 6 inch PDF, so that we can read the books on any device like kindle, boko, nook, android, iOS, Desktop, Laptops etc.

Read more about he project here – http://freetamilebooks.com/about-us/

We added the download counters for each book. But wanted a full report on downloads count. Waited for three years. My wife, Nithya was learning Python programming. Gave this as assignment to get the report of all the books download count. She wrote a script, which crawls all the book pages, get the contents, search for the download counts, add in a report.

Here is the report –

Here is the source code-

With this report, we can see the most downloaded books on file type wise,and total wise.

Good. Found that there is a number for total download count too.

It says as  4228868 now. This is 42,28,868 i.e 42 lakhs, 4.2 million.

Wow. 🙂

Never thought that we will reach so many readers. This means there are good Tamil readers are there around the world, who are ready to read the good contents.

Tons of thanks for all the contributors, writers and readers for making this project as a useful one for the Tamil readers.


Thanks to the following communities, who are behind this project.

With all the technical and content support from all around the world, the project is growing well.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, join our forum and share your interest.

Join our forum here-

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Minutes – ILUGC Feb 2017 meet

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai community is meeting every month second saturday at Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras.

Yesterday, we had out feb 2017 meeting.

Ajay started with Various open source licenses available and explored their pros and cons. Explained how the Open Core business model is helping many companies to do their business by open sourcing the core of their software with releasing the other components as proprietary software.

See the slides here



Then, Viswaprasath from Mozilla Tamilnadu community explained about Firefox’s new web extensions api. Now we can build cross browser extensions using simple HTML/JavaScript/CSS stack. No need to play around with XUL. He explained the architecture of a simple plugin he developed.

Few links to explore on this







Then, Karthik from Mozilla Tamilnadu, explored webVR. Virtual reality using browser. Now with Three.js we can create 3d worlds that can be viewed on browser itself.

A-frame is a Javascript framework on top of threejs.

Few links




Then, he explained how the mozilla Tamilnadu community is working to spread Free/Open Software on colleges and organizations.

Join the awesome community to learn and contribute for free software.





Then, I gave a lightning talk on few projects ideas to do. A firefox plugin to help proofreading tamil wikisource, flipboard alternate in tamil, epub cleaning for FreeTamilEbooks.com, Download report for wikisource ebooks, web application for OCR4WikiSource, Translating city/street names in Tamil for building maps in Tamil. Will write a new post with all the details of these project ideas.

Asked for contributors and ideas. Students from S.Joseph Institute of Tech accepted to help on these projects. We can have a hackathon to do these projects.

Reply here if you know any place to conduct a one day hackathon.

Finally, asked all to join in ILUGC mailing list at https://www.freelists.org/list/ilugc

Our meetings will end on the cafe nearby. old mohan, new mohan, yogesh, myself and other one(sorry dude, still trying to get your name) had great discussions at cafe on building Tamil Text to Speech engine, Advantages of go over python and a lot.

Returned to home by bus with Mohan, discussing various tech, social, academic, industry trends. Interacting with energetic young people makes me feel encouraged to learn new things always.

Thanks for all the speakers and participants for building a wonderful community for GNU/Linux. Let us hope to have more events like hackathon, FossConf etc, this year.

Few photos











Ebooks Making Workshop for FreeTamilEbooks.com – Notes

Today, we conducted a workshop on Ebooks making for FreeTamilEbooks.com

at Organic Sandhai, Kurinji Book House, 27/49, Chitlapakkam 2nd main road, tambaram sanitorium, Chennai 47

We sent out the invites via google groups and facebook event.

Registration count is 11. Lakshmi, Durai. Manikandan, Dhanasekar, Innamburan, Nandhagopal are the 5 participants turned out.

In the morning session, discussed about the following.
  • FreeTamilEbooks.com – Introduction
  • Creative Commons License – Introduction
  • Devices, Apps, Software to read ebooks
  • Epub, mobi, PDF, 6 inch PDF – File Formats
  • Using Pressbooks.com to create ebooks online
  • Using LibreOffice, Calibre, Sigil to create ebooks Offline
  • Creating Cover Images
  • Publishing Ebooks


In Afternoon session, create ebooks using LibreOffice, Calibre and Sigil.

Thanks for all the participants. Special Thanks to Venue, Lunch, Tea sponsor Saravanan Thyagarajan.

Few Snaps –

How to create Ebooks using LibreOffice, Calibre, Sigil  – Demo video in Tamil

We invite you join help FreeTamilEbooks.com by  volunteering to create ebooks.

Contact Us at

Need help – HTML to PDF with Custom Fonts

We are looking for a solution to convert html pages to A4 pdf and B7 pdf for FreeTamilEbooks.com project.

Training authors to create ebooks themself using Pressbooks.com

They can export epub, mobi, xhtml from pressbooks.

Now, few volunteers are converting xhtml to PDF by printing from Firefox.

by changing the margin and printer settings in Firefox.

Many authors find that this is difficult.

Looking for a solution to automate the process of converting XHTML to A4 and B7 size PDFs so that we add a web interface, host in server, ask authors to upload epub or xhtml file to get PDF files as outputs.

We want to use custom TTF fonts for Tamil.
Ila Sundaram-10.TTF is the font we want to use.
Get this font from http://www.kaniyam.com/ila-sundaram-unicode-tamil-fonts/
Tried to set this font via CSS using @font-face.

But the PDFs are not using this font.

Explored wkhtmltopdf

It is not rendering B7 size properly and can not set custom font.

Looking for volunteers to explore the PhantomJS or wkhtmltopdf to generate PDF files from HTML with custom font.

reply here or contact me if you are interested to volunteer.


Few Ebooks on Free Software, GNU/Linux, MySQL, HTML5 in Tamil

“Nithya, Please stop seeing TV Serials. I can not tolerate them.”

I requested my wife.

“Hmm. OK. I will stop it. But, I have to do something useful on the saved time”. Nithya said.

“Good. Can you share your knowledge in Tamil? Can you write few articles for the e-magazine Kaniyam“?

“Will give a try”.

This is how she started to write on Tamil about the technologies, she is strong and the new stuff she is learning. Her articles are published in Kaniyam site in 3 years. Compiled them and released as Free Ebooks.

Here is the list of Ebooks written by Nithya.


MySQL – Part 1

MySQL – part 2

GNU/Linux Part 1

GNU/Linux Part 2


 My friend Amachu a.k.a Ramadhas wrote a book on Free Software. It came as print edition 7 years ago.
Released it as a free Ebook.



Free Software

All these books are released in Creative Commons License.
You can download, read and share with all.

Nithya completed a book on GNU/Linux administration. Now writing on CSS.
My friend Priya wrote on Ruby.
Mr. Kuppan wrote on OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

These books are under spell checking and proof reading.

Kathirvel is writing on PHP
Tamil on WordPress.
I am writing on Python

We will release them soon.

Thanks for Kaniyam.com team and FreeTamilEbooks.com team for bringing these ebooks and the awesome service for the Tamil readers.

How to create an ebook for Free Tamil Ebooks.com?

FreeTamilEbooks.com is a portal for Tamil ebooks with creative commons license.

Let us see here, how to create ebooks for this portal.

1. Find content with creative commons license.

There are many blogs/sites in Tamil with creative commons license. We can get the content from there and create ebooks. We shold mention the same license in the books.

Ask bloggers and writers to release their content in creative commons license, so that we can create ebooks with their works.

2. Create an account in Pressbooks.com

We use Pressbooks.com to create the ebooks. It can export in the epub, mobi and XHTML formats.

Create login in pressbooks.com

create a ebook.

There are front matter, main body and back matter sections.

Add new chapters in these sections.

Front matter.

1. Intro page

Add the cover image, intro text, author name etc. Cover image should be in vertical size. Check freetamilebooks.com for sample cover images.

2. License Page

3. Ebook created by and publisher information

Main Body

1. Chapter 1

2. Chapter 2

3. etc

Copy and paste the book’s content here as new chapters.

Back Matter

1. About the author

2. Any other notes from author

3. About Free Tamil Ebooks.com [ copy the content from http://freetamilebooks.com/about-the-project/ ]

4. Add custom css for ebook.

Goto Apperance – Themes- Activate PressBooks custom css

Click the custom css. Edit CSS

Choose “Ebook” for the option “You are currently editing CSS for: “

Then, paste the following content and save.

p {
display : block;

5. Book Info

Add the following details in the book info.

Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, Language(Tamil), Add cover Image.

Copyright year, Copyright holder (author name), copyright notice ( add relevant creative commons license text here)

6. Export

Goto Export page.

Export as epub, mobi and xhtml.

Check the epub in (http://readium.org ) chrome plugin.

You can stop here and send the epub, mobi, XHTML files to freetamilebooksteam@gmail.com

We will take care of PDF files creations.

If you wish to produce A4 PDF and 6 Inch PDF, follow below instructions.

7. Creating PDF files:

Open the XHTML file in a text editor.

Add the following CSS code inside the <head> </head> block of the file.

We keep updating the CSS for improving the readability of the PDF files.

Get the latest CSS code from


<style type=”text/css”>

page-break-before: always;

#toc {
page-break-before: always;

page-break-before: always;
border-bottom-style: groove;
color : #3366FF;

h3.chapter-number {

h3.front-matter-number {

#half-title-page {

@media print {
img {
max-width: 100%;


In the TOC section, replace the word “Contents” with பொருளடக்கம்

Remove the line “<li><a href=”#main-body”>Main Body</a></li>”

Save the file.

8. Firefox Hacks:

We need to print A4 PDF and 9cm x 12 cm sized 6 Inch PDF file from Firefox browser.

In GNU/Linux, we can print as PDF file from firefox.

In windows, install a free PDF printer as doPDF.

Remove margins in Firefox

Firefox has its own margins for printing. We have to remove them all.

Type about:config in the addressbar.

Search for the string “margin”


Set the value as 0 for all the above strings.

Now, open the html file in a new tab.


Select Print to File

In Page setup tab, select paper size as “Manage Custom Sizes

Add new paper size named “kindle”

width: 90 mm height 120 mm

margins: top : 10mm bottom : 15mm left: 5 mm right 5mm

save this.

Add new paper size named “Custom A4”

width: 210 mm height: 297 mm

margins: top:25mm bottom:35mm left:25mm right 25mm

save this.

These are one time tasks only. We can use the same settings in our future works.

Now, print as two PDF files.

One with paper size “kindle” and 85% scale.

Another with paper size “Custom A4” and 100% scale.

Thats all. We got the epub, mobi, A4 pdf and 6 Inch PDF files for the ebook.

Now send these 4 files and the cover image to freetamilebooksteam AT gmail DOT com.