ILUGC Hackathon – 2 – Wikipedia Hackathon – July 23, 2017

Announcing our second hackathon on July 23. This time it is all about Wikipedia.

Venue :

Hexolabs Interactive Tech Pvt Ltd, Type II/17, Dr.VSI Estate,
Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 41. Phone – 044 42169699  Near NIFT, Opposite
to Origin Towers.

Date : July 23, 2017
Time : 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM


* Bring your laptop
* Knowledge in any programming language


* To bring any internet device like dongle or 4g smartphone to get your own internet, as there is limited speed in available internet


Exploring these links and installing them is desired.

Installing medaiwiki-

wikitools – Python Library

Mediawiki API


Hack Ideas:

If you, or Tamil or any other language wiki needs any programming solutions, share the ideas here.

Examples :
1. Report of contributions of all TN school teachers. Usernames will
start as TNSE. Need a report like

2. Fixing the titles, moving the pages automatically, if they have
errors on page title.

3. Install Tamil TTS –
and try to use it for wiki pages.

Registration :

To register, add your name in the following wiki page.

If you dont know tamil, just mail me your interest to attend.


T Shrinivasan 98417 9546 Eight

Meeting Minutes – July 2017 meet

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai is my homeland. The monthly meetings always give great ideas and thoughts. Most of my project ideas are being initiated here. and are childs of the thoughts discussed here.

We meet, every month, second saturday at IIT Madras – 3-6 pm. Last saturday, we had a meet. Here are the notes.

Joshua explained about Yocta project. This is used to build tiny GNU/Linux distributions with only the minimal required tools and libraries. We can create many recipies and use them to design our own OS.

Yocto project க்கான பட முடிவு

He explained the build tool bitbake and demonstrated the processes.

Few links to know more about it.

Khaleel explained about  . He demonstrated how to add new roads, Point of interests and how to edit other’s works. He explained how the project started, why it exists and why it is important to contribute for it.

File:OSM Logo.svg

We can add missing details about the streetname and POI for chennai.

Use these applications to contribute using mobile.
2. OSM contributor

Using the app, “StreetComplete” we can add missing street names easily.

We can plan for an online or offline mapathon event to learn OSM
contribution someday this month.

Few links:

I distributed few old “Linux for you” books to the participants.

After the talk, few of us went to gurunath restaurant. Discussed about bitcoin, blockchain, chennai colleges, having hackathon and trainings etc. Baskar selvaraj requested to have more offline events like we were doing few years ago. Remembered contributions of our long time members like KG, Raaman, Bharathi etc. He shared all the fun happening at colleges on the events he conducts. It will be really great if we start more events. Let us plan them and start as soon as possible.

Thanks for all participants and speakers.

Here are few photos

Minutes – ILUGC Feb 2017 meet

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai community is meeting every month second saturday at Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras.

Yesterday, we had out feb 2017 meeting.

Ajay started with Various open source licenses available and explored their pros and cons. Explained how the Open Core business model is helping many companies to do their business by open sourcing the core of their software with releasing the other components as proprietary software.

See the slides here


Then, Viswaprasath from Mozilla Tamilnadu community explained about Firefox’s new web extensions api. Now we can build cross browser extensions using simple HTML/JavaScript/CSS stack. No need to play around with XUL. He explained the architecture of a simple plugin he developed.

Few links to explore on this


Then, Karthik from Mozilla Tamilnadu, explored webVR. Virtual reality using browser. Now with Three.js we can create 3d worlds that can be viewed on browser itself.

A-frame is a Javascript framework on top of threejs.

Few links

Then, he explained how the mozilla Tamilnadu community is working to spread Free/Open Software on colleges and organizations.

Join the awesome community to learn and contribute for free software.


Then, I gave a lightning talk on few projects ideas to do. A firefox plugin to help proofreading tamil wikisource, flipboard alternate in tamil, epub cleaning for, Download report for wikisource ebooks, web application for OCR4WikiSource, Translating city/street names in Tamil for building maps in Tamil. Will write a new post with all the details of these project ideas.

Asked for contributors and ideas. Students from S.Joseph Institute of Tech accepted to help on these projects. We can have a hackathon to do these projects.

Reply here if you know any place to conduct a one day hackathon.

Finally, asked all to join in ILUGC mailing list at

Our meetings will end on the cafe nearby. old mohan, new mohan, yogesh, myself and other one(sorry dude, still trying to get your name) had great discussions at cafe on building Tamil Text to Speech engine, Advantages of go over python and a lot.

Returned to home by bus with Mohan, discussing various tech, social, academic, industry trends. Interacting with energetic young people makes me feel encouraged to learn new things always.

Thanks for all the speakers and participants for building a wonderful community for GNU/Linux. Let us hope to have more events like hackathon, FossConf etc, this year.

Few photos










Home Sweet Home, Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai

After several months, Today attended ILUGC meeting.

Felt like being at hometown. Yes. ILUGC is where I born and  grown in Free Software world.

At todays meet, ShanthaKumar explained about Haskell and its testing methods. Haskell is a functional language. He is using genetic algorithms and AI to parse english text with a POS tagger.

Saai Akash from Jaya Enginneering College explained about Elastic Search Engine.

Both Shantha kumar and Saai are Final year engineering students. It is a good thing that students talk in tech communities.

Then Shakthi Kannan explored about Par Edit is an Emacs minor mode for editing S-expressions. He is living with Emacs. Inspired by regular talks and writings only I started to use Emacs and enjoying its benefits.

Saw three elder people attended the meet and asked good questions.

After long time, met Mohan, Stylesen, Joe Steve. The very long time ilugc friends.
As usual, the stand up meeting after the event was much informative. We went to a nearby canteen and had fun with food.

ILUGC is one of the oldest GNU/Linux users groups in the world. Yes. Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) in Chennai since January 1998. We usually meet on the second Saturday of every month at IIT Madras, Aero space Engineering Building.

If you are in chennai on second saturdays, dont miss this meetings. You will learn tons of things and meet great people.

Thanks to all ILUGC friends for moving forward on building a great community for FOSS.






How to get a computer science career?

How students can prepare themselves for a computer career?


I thank Mr. Ashok <> for translating the article in English.

The original Tamil version is available here.


How students can prepare themselves for a computer career?


Dear student aspiring for a computer career,

For those students who have completed a computer science or related course and in the process of a job search or will be starting one,



Shall we talk a little bit about your job search process?


Each year, about 2 lakh students complete their studies in Tamil Nadu, graduate and start looking for a job in the computer field. Of course, it is not possible for 2 lakh new jobs to be created every year. This is why everyone does not get a job immediately. Only about 10% of the people land a job with large enterprises such as InfoSys, TCS and CTS in the Campus Interview. SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) provide the opportunities for the remaining 90%.

Shall we see what kind of problems arise in hiring freshers in this kind of Micro, Small and Medium companies?


1. Training

These SMEs cannot provide the place, trainers and 6-months time for training the freshers like the large enterprises. Even one or two weeks is difficult. Students who are prepared to pay as much as 1 lakh rupees for a 6-month course in large private computer training companies like NIIT, instead if you join smaller companies, you expect to be paid a salary for the same training.

To provide free training, office in central city location, air conditioning, computers, internet connection and uninterrupted power and on top of that to pay a salary, these companies are not charitable organizations. Let us say these students are provided free training for a few months, it takes another 6-months for them to become productive. By then a year goes by.

After the lapse of a year, you compare yourselves with friends working for large enterprises. You say, “He is paid Rs 20,000 per month and gets overseas opportunities. I must have the same pay and overseas opportunities.” and switch to another company. Your company that has accepted new projects from customers, will have to start looking for employees again. As many are doing this, companies are afraid to hire freshers.

If they hire employees with experience of one year or more, they need to train them for only a week or two. They will start being productive from the third week. Companies will also get their work done. Even if they quit in a year, there is no big loss for the company. For the salary paid for the year, they would have got matching output.

Instead, if they hire freshers they have to pay the salary and invest in training. And their output is very low. What solution would you suggest for this?

If tomorrow you were to start a company, you will be facing this same situation. How will you manage this?

I can hear you saying, “This is all fine. But only if we get a job we can gain experience. Without a job we don’t have any experience either.” That is also true.


2. Knowledge and skills

Knowledge, skills and experience need not be gained only by taking up a job. We can grow these ourselves, Right?

What do most students say? “Give me a job. Then, I will learn all that is required. After that, I will grow my skills.” True.

Let us say, you buy a car to travel out of town with your family often. You are looking for a good driver. I have come for an interview. I have attended driving classes. But I do not have any experience.

“I have completed training. I have a certificate. But, I do not have experience. Give me employment. Let me have your new car. Give me training for a few months. Once I have learnt it well, I will drive your family wherever you want.”

If I say this, will you hire me? But, this is what you say to the companies.

For learning how to drive a car, you need a car that costs lakhs of rupees. But for learning computer skills you can use the computer you already have.

In cricket, if someone is not scoring runs, even if it is Sachin, we get annoyed. We expect them to score continuously and hit fours and sixes frequently. However, you will not create any software using your computer, but will listen to music, watch films, play games and keep chatting with your friends on social media. How is this justified?


3. Interview


If I advertise saying that I want 100 freshers for my company, at least a 1000 people apply. Most of these follow the same template. “I know C, C++, Java, Oracle, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VB, DotNet, ASP, Photoshop, Windows and so on.” With freshers versed in all these skills we begin to have confidence that we can develop any software. Let us call some of them for an interview.



“Hello, sir!”

“What are your skills?”

“I have all the computer skills. C, C++, Java, DotNet, Oracle… and so on!”

“Oh, I am happy to hear that. What Project did you do?”

“About that sir! I created the software for the space vehicle that was launched last month. It combines Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing and will run on Android and iOS.”

“Very good! Can you develop a small software program to keep track of receipts and expenses in my small shop?”

“All by myself? That is difficult sir. I have to study more. Give me a job. Then I will study and then complete this work for you.”

“Why not? Did you not do that major project by yourself? You even explained that at length.”

“About that sir…hmm….hmm I didn’t do that project by myself.”

“Then, who did?”

“We bought it from a project center in T. Nagar for Rs. 10,000. However, I know all about that project. Give me a job. I will learn everything well and then complete your project.”

This is what 95 out of 100 people say. Only a very few do the project by themselves and gain the skill and experience of developing new software.

How can anybody employ someone who doesn’t even have such basic skills?

How will you go to a doctor who has completed a medical degree but says doesn’t know anything?

Isn’t computer studies the same?

In education, the lowest level of qualification is ITI. Candidates who have failed in 10th standard can join ITI. We can ask a student who has just completed 2 year welding course in ITI to make a grill gate for us. He will also willingly make one.

A computer student who has completed 12th standard and then studied computers extensively for 3 or 4 or even 6 years is not able to create even a small piece of software on their own.

Companies are not prepared to offer employment to such students who don’t know anything. Only about 10 percent of the students get jobs through Reference, Campus Interview, or Off Campus. The rest have to find a job only through their capability.


4. How to gain experience and skill ?


The job of a cricket player is to practice regularly and display their talent. Nobody says, “Include me in the Indian cricket team! Then I will learn the game and then I will play well and after that I will win cups for the country.”

To become more skilled in cricket, you have to take the bat / ball and practice. For computers, it is enough if you practice with the computer you already have. To learn software development all you need are a computer and internet connection.

If you do all of the steps below, you will learn automatically:


1. Learn beyond the syllabus.

Learn many skills such as GNU/Linux, PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL.


2. Join Tech groups

Join Tech groups in your town. If there are no groups, start one. Meet frequently and learn new things.


3. Learn GNU/Linux

The whole world is eagerly taking on to GNU/Linux. Leave Windows and install any Linux distro such as Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora. When you use the Command Line, many things will become clearer to you.


4. Study the software source code

You can access the source code of all the software in GNU/Linux. Download them, open them and simply study them.


5. Develop software

Create a simple calculator. An address book. A tool for testing the Internet connection, an alarm, a backup software, web scraping software and other software for very small tasks. Each task will take only a day or two.


Then ask people around you and develop any software that they need. Shops will need many softwares such as Billing, Accounts, Attendance and so on. Develop them free of charge.


6. Learn version control

Version Control System is helpful to share the source code with others and share to do the work as a team. Learn Subversion (SVN) and GIT. Create an account on and add your source code there. Also, contribute to software created by others. Your Github profile will determine your growth more than your FaceBook profile.


7. Contribute to Open source

Contribute to your favorite Open Source project. Even if you contribute one line of code it is a big thing. In addition to coding, contribute to other things like documentation, graphics, helping in IRC, Forum or Mailing List, packaging, publicity or translation. Search for “How to contribute to Open Source Software?” Contribute to your favorite Open Source project in your favorite language.


8. Write a blog

Write about everything you worked on in your blog. Write everyday without fail. Your blog will become your best Visiting Card.


9. Add all these things to your Resume

Add to your Resume your blog address, your Github address, the list of Open Source software you are contributing to and all the skills you have learnt beyond your syllabus.


10. Don’t ask for a job. Ask for Project Work.

Don’t bug everyone you know to get you a job. Tell them that you will develop any software that they need. Do it as a Project Work.

After completing your education, if you merely keep searching for a job, an year will go by easily. By then the next batch will graduate and will become freshers. You will be in a very confused state being neither a fresher nor having any experience.

In this one year if you do about one project per month you would have completed about 10 to 12 projects. You can claim that as one year experience. You can rightfully claim that as one year freelancing work in your Resume.

Declare that you have one year experience and search for a job. Then see what kind of opportunities you get. Because you have actual experience, your interview will also be easier.

When you do many projects, you may be able to develop commercial software and earn from it. If you develop a good team, you may be able to start your own business.

If you work hard and also have the skills, the sky is the limit for your career.


My dear Sachins! Just as Sachin amassed 50’s and 100’s, develop software, contribute to Free/Open Source software and shine like the bright sun with your talent!


My very best wishes.

Also, see these links.


Give your feedback in the ‘Comments’ here..



T Shrinivasan

Will you buy a Digital Product that allows you to share and remix?

Today, My beloved Tamil author Mr.N Chokkan, asked a question in twitter.

புது நூல் / இசை PDF / MP3 கிடைக்குமா என்றுதான் 99.99% ட்வீட்கள். சும்மா ஒரு பாவனைக்குக்கூட, ‘எங்கே வாங்கலாம்?’ என்று கேட்பதில்லை

புதுப்பட / பாடல் / புத்தக download லிங்க் பகிரங்கமாகக் கேட்போர் ‘அரிசி அரை கிலோ வேண்டும், எங்கே திருடலாம்?’ என்று ட்வீட் எழுதுவார்களா?

He asks that

People ask for download link when a new Book/Movie/Audio is released.
99.99% tweets are regarding download links. Nobody asks for a link to buy them.
Will people ask for a how to steal rice, when they need to buy it?

This questions raised a lot of thoughts and sharing them here.

Sharing is a nature of human. When we are kids, our moms asked us to share the foods with our friends. They put extra food in our tiffin boxes for sharing.

She share the food with neighbors even today.

They all know that sharing is caring.

It is not about the cost. I have a thing with me. I will share it with anyone.
Its my right.

It historic days, Ramanajur, the Hindu saint, was asked to keep a secret of god.
He reached to a temple tower and announced the secret to all public, proving that all good things should reach all.
Check Chapter 11

All the world literature is being transformed for ages and ages to next generation just make sure that all the good should reach all. Nobody cared about the copyright laws.

Let us come to the modern era.

There are Analog Products and Digital Products.

Let us compare an Analog Book or Motor Bike.

To make a Motor Bike, the manufacturing company should invest atleast 30-40% of the selling price. For each MotorBike, the company should invest the same 30-40% cost of the bike.

Once I bought the Bike, Its my own property.

  • I can ride it anywhere.
  • I can share it with my friends.
  • I can make it into parts on to know how it works.
  • If I am a mechanic, I can repair or rework on it to customize it.
  • I can resell it.
  • I can donate it.

I can do whatever I want.

Let us come to a Digital Product.

It is a Software/Music/Ebook.

Let us say the Company invests 30-40% of the selling cost to create the first copy of the product.

What is the cost the company invests for the second copy? 0 Rs or 10 Rs for the CD or DVD. But they sell all the copies to the same rate. How this is correct?

Fine. Its their wish to sell for any cost. As a buyer what rights I get?

  • I should not make copies of it.
  • I should not share it.
  • I should not modify it.
  • I should not study it.

When a mechanic can study a Bike, As a software engineer why should not I study the software I buy? Why I dont get the source code?

When I buy a music cd, why I should not share it with my friends, when I share my Bike? Why I should not resell the CD, when I sell my bike?

Business people may come with some weired answers for these questions.

They need to make tons and tons of money with one time effort and to sell million times.

They say with lot of buzzwords like intellectual property, copyright laws etc, just to make sure that the digital products are not copied and shared.

Fine. It will be nice, if anyone replied here on what are the fears of a Digital Product creator to sell his products for a cheaper price with all rights to the buyer?

Do you think that we can not make money when there is no secret?

Take the Food Industry.

Most of us know, how to make Idly, Sambar, Rice and all other delicious Food.
But still there is Saravana bhavan making money. HotChips makes money.
Name a branded hotel. It makes Millions of money, where all the recipe are open to public. They sell the Food with all the rights to the buyer to share, resell, remix, etc.

If they can make money, with open recipe and rights to share, we also can make it. Yes. Need to make a lot of changes in business model and have to reduce the greediness of making million dollar by investing only one time.

Let us think on the other way.

We are living in a era of sharing.
Though there are tight laws, we can not prevent online sharing of digital products.
Though it is illegal, people love to share their contents. Because, Sharing is in our blood.

People will pay and buy any product that is affordable and encourages them to learn it, hack it, share it and remix it.

Still in doubt?

Write a book and release the PDF for 20-30 Rs with all rights to share and remix in Creative Commons license.

Choose a suitable license from here.

I am sure you will get more money then you get as royalty when you release as a printer book by any publisher.

(Ask your known writers on how much they make money as royalty. They get very less and they even dont know how many books are sold. Publishers wont share any business data with the writers.)

Reply here, If you agree to buy such a Digital Product that is cheap and in Creative commons license.

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai – Monthly Meet ( January 19 2013 )

ILUGC Monthly Meet (January 19 2013 )

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on
Free Open Source Software in Chennai since Jan 1998. We meet regularly
on every month second Saturday with technical talks and discussions on
various Free software.

Check our website for further details.

Join our mailing list at

We have our Meet on January 19, 2013

Check the details below.

ILUGC Monthly Meet (January 19 2013):-

  Time : Sat January 19, 2013 (3.00 – 5.30 PM)

    Venue: Classroom No 3,
    Areo Space Engineering,
    Near Gajendra Circle,
    IIT Madras.

Link for the Map:


Topic : RESTful architecture and design – The future of web

Brief summary:
REST is a powerful design pattern that allows architects, developers
and web designers to perceive web from a different perspective. Many
web frameworks and applications (Rails, DJango, RIAK) these days
are designed using the RESTful approach. This talk should provide
an introduction to REST design paradigms and approach that helps
audience understand them with better clarity.

Duration : 30 minutes

Speaker : Chandrashekar Babu

About Speaker: Chandrashekar Babu is  corporate trainer on FOSS technologies.
email AT


Topic : PHP more than basics

Description : Beyond basics of php the architecture, professional codding etc .

Duration : 30-45 min

Links to Read :,

About Speaker : G.yoganand, PHP Team lead Softmatrix

yoganandgopalan AT


Topic: Introduction to Firefox OS

Description: Firefox OS is the upcoming mobile platform. This talk introduces – What it is, how it is structured etc.

Links to read:

Speaker : Dwaraka Nath <dtsdwarak AT>

About Speaker : Dwaraka Nath is part of Public Relations Team of Mozilla India.

Duration : 30 min

General group discussions on any queries, events etc.
CDs/DVDs can be shared on prior request.
Announce this to all your friends, social network sites etc.

All are welcome. Entry Free

Are you looking to get commercial Support for Git? – Ask CollabNet

The entire IT world is turning towards using Free Software, nowadays.

One of the major issues in implementing the FOSS Solutions in the corporates is

Technical Support for the Free Open Source software.

Though the Free Software Communities are very active in providing free support in mailing lists,IRC channels, Public forums etc, the organizations can not wait till someone answers in these channels when some critical issue happens.

On those critical situations, they need some helping hand, some shoulder to fall on.

even they are ready to pay for the commercial support for Free Software.

Most companies now start to provide commercial support for Free Software.


It is a good thing to see the list is growing and more companies choose the support as their way of making money with Free Open Source Software.

CollabNet, which is providing Support for Subversion from its early days, now started to support Git too.

How does CollabNet support git?

CollabNet has its own ALM product called TeamForge . It can have git as a part of its version control system, which provides easy UI to manage repositories and provide access control.

Apart from that customers can buy only GIT support where they can get the open source git from their repositories and get support from CollabNet.

CollabNet has a expert team on git and it pays for developers who contribute for Git. With the experts in Git, CollabNet provides support via email, phone and remote session.

See here the plans.

CollabNet is already providing same support for Subversion where it pays for Subversion developers and provides Commercial Support and free support via its forums.

Read the git blogs here: where the experts from CollabNet share their experience in Git.

It is providing hosted solution for Git and Subversion too. Check here

Its a great opportunity for organizations to implement git with the support from CollabNet.

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai – Monthly Meet ( December 8 )

ILUGC Monthly Meet ( December 8 )

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on
Free Open Source Software in Chennai since Jan 1998. We meet regularly
on every month second Saturday with technical talks and discussions on
various Free software.

Check our website for further details.

Join our mailing list at

We have our December 2012 Meet.

Check the details below.

ILUGC Monthly Meet (December 8 th):-

Time : Sat December 8, 2012 (3.00 – 5.30 PM)

Venue: Classroom No 3,
Areo Space Engineering,
Near Gajendra Circle,
IIT Madras.

Link for the Map:


Topic : Open source for startups

Duration : 20 minutes

Speaker : Chidambaresan Sakthi
founder & ceo,

chidambasakthi at


Topic: Building ultra large web apps using Rails

Description: How Rails is used on building large websites

Duration: 30 mins

Links to Read:

About Speaker: Karthikeyan A K ( Project Director Webtoday business )  mindaslab at

Topic: How Ortho-One opened its doors to FOSS and GNU/Linux

Description: Ortho-One hospital is a leading orthopedic hospital in Coimbatore. The talk is case-study about how proprietary products and solutions can create a vendor lock-in and how FOSS can help in the situation. We will also discuss about the FOSS tools available in the health-care industry and how it can be deployed in a hospital.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Links to Read:

About Speaker: Kumaran, [ kumaran AT ], is a open source enthusiast & one of the world’s youngest RHCEs.He is a hardcore GNU/Linux fan, who actively promotes FOSS.

Kumaran is the key person in Migrating a hospital in Coimbatore to Free software.


Discussion on FossConf’13

General group discussions on any queries, events etc.
CDs/DVDs can be shared on prior request.
Announce this to all your friends, social network sites etc.

All are welcome. Entry Free

ILUGC Monthly Meet ( November 10 )

ILUGC Monthly Meet ( November 10 )

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on
Free Open Source Software in Chennai since Jan 1998. We meet regularly
on every month second Saturday with technical talks and discussions on
various Free software.
Check our website for further details.

Join our mailing list at

We have our November 2012 Meet.

Check the details below.

ILUGC Monthly Meet (November 10 th):-

Time : Sat November 10, 2012 (3.00 – 5.30 PM)

Venue: Classroom No 3,
Areo Space Engineering,
Near Gajendra Circle,
IIT Madras.

Link for the Map:


Topic : PHP more than basics

Description : Beyond basics of php the arcitecture, professional codding etc .

Duration : 30-45

Links to Read :,

About Speaker : G.yoganand PHP Team lead Softmatrix. yoganandgopalan AT gmail DOT com


Topic : regular expressions for every one.

Description : a brief introduction to regular expression.

Duration : 30 Minutes  (Max)

Level: Basics to Intermediate

About Speaker: Ravi Jaya, An Open Source Consultant, who loves Gnu-Linux by heart.
ravi.goglobium AT gmail DOT com

Topic: Discussion on India’s IT Rules and threat to Internet

Description: The recent rules notified by the Government under the
Information Technology Act, 2000 regarding intermediaries affect bloggers,
online media and intermediaries by placing stringent controls on
content that can be posted online. The rules have the potential to be used as
a means to censor the internet through the back door and could have chilling
effects on free speech and dissemination of information. The rules also go
far beyond the IT Act, under which the rules have been framed, and
have provisions that affect the fundamental rights of citizens including
the right to freedom of speech and expression as well as the right to privacy.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Links to Read:



About Speaker: Core Team, Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu


General group discussions on any queries, events etc.
CDs/DVDs can be shared on prior request.
Announce this to all your friends, social network sites etc.

All are welcome. Entry Free