Software Freedom Day 2018 – Tech Talks – Kanchipuram – Sep 29, 2018 – 10-5

Hello all,

Software freedom day is celebrated worldwide every year on September month.

We celebrate SFD at kanchipuram

Date : September 29, 2018 Saturday
Time : 10.00 am – 05.00 pm

Venue : A K T Municipal High School, Thumbavanam street, Near Kotrampalayam Street, Near Rangasamy Kulam, Kanchipuram
Map –

Topic 1 : Introduction to Free Software and GNU/Linux
Speaker : Shrinivasan
Time : 10.00 – 11.00

Topic 2 : Introduction to BigData using Hadoop
Description : Will explore the Bigdata eco systems, Hadoop, Pig, Spark and ElasticSearch
Speaker : Nithya

Time : 11.00 – 01.00


Topic 3 : Handson workshop on Hadoop
Speaker : Nithya
Time : 02.00 – 05.00

Prerequests :
1. Bring your laptops with linux and java installed, for handson
2. Read the below book and watch the videos.
3. Linux commandline, Python knowledge is preferred

Contact : T Shrinivasan 9841795468

Entry Free. All are welcome.

Event Notes – Mini Mapping party at Kanchipuram

I went to my home town Kanchipuram, India for Christmas holidays. We had a good active Linux Users Group called KanchiLUG there few years ago. We still have few members there doing nice works there.

Decided to have a mini mapping party at kanchipuram on Dec 25, 2017. sent a mail to our mailing list and asked people to join the party.

We had one volunteer replied. T. Dhanasekar. We met on dec 25 10 am. Created an account for him in openstreetmaps.

We both dont use smartphone. I borrowed my wife Nithya’s phone. He did not get any. I dont have a motor bike there. I already took his bike. Hence, we decided to roam around the city together and add interesting places to OSM.

I explained app and how to add POI. We found many schools, temples, shops, clinics etc and added them. For few POI’s, we did not find suitable types in

Will ask the team to add more types.

In 2 hours, we added 75 places. There are still tons of places to add at Kanchipuram. We will add them in upcoming days.


Openstreetmaps Mapping Party at kanchipuram, Dec 25,2017, 10-1

At kanchilug, we planned to have a openstreetmaps mapping party.

Date : Dec 25 2017,10 am – 1 pm

Starting place : 10c,csm street, pilliyar palayam, kanchipuram.

We can have some intro to osm,, osm contributor android apps.

Then, we can roam around the city to add Point Of Interest (significant places) to osm using those apps.

If you are new to openstreetmaps, see the video in tamil by prasanna of puduvailug.

Created a telegram group for tomorrow’s mapping party.

Join there.

We can discuss for any quick questions on party.

For those who don’t have smartphone like me,

You can join the telegram using web browser in your laptop/desktop


Login with your mobile number and join the group mentioned above.

You can read all the discussions any time.

See you there on the party.

Ubuntu Release Party at Chennai

An Ubuntu release party and the Introduction to FOSS classes to be held in

Madras Institute Of Technology, Chrompet, Chennai

on Saturday, 21st July from 1pm to 4pm.

The agenda of the day:

  • Inspirational talk on FOSS and Features on Ubuntu  by Mr.Ramadoss of Yavarukkumana Software foundation
  • Release of Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Installation Demo.
  • Introduction to FOSS Classes.

The FOSS classes to be conducted by Mr.Ramadoss are to continue throughout, every month on the third  Saturday from 4 to 5 pm.

It will involve a 20 minute session of brainstorming wherein they will share their experiences. The highlight of these classes is that the students are mentored to do projects on various areas in FOSS, with a chance to release an Open source application, certificates and internship at his organization.

We hope this initiative is successful and it is well received. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Entry Free. All are Welcome

Kaniyam – 07

Kaniyam – is a monthly E Magazine in Tamil Langiage for Free Open Source Software.

We are happy to release the seventh issue of Kaniyam.

Now, Kaniyam reaches all the Ubuntu users in the world via Ubuntu Software Center.
Thanks for all the contributors who make Kaniyam running.

Kaniyam is released under creative commons license.
You can
Share with anyone.
Modify and publish.
Use for commercial purpose.

But, you have to attribute the original article, author name and
You have to give the same rights to all. Have to release in the same creative commons license.

We have a “Ubuntu Release Party” at chennai on 21 July 2012 at MIT Chrompet. All are welcome.

This issue has the following contents in Tamil:

  • Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.04 – Book Review
  • Clipgrab – Download youtube videos
  • apt-fast – download applications faster
  • How to use awk?
  • Free software in the Business World
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Release Party in Chennai
  • Network monitor – NetHogs
  • How to make Ubuntu looks like Mac OSX
  • pySioGame – Games for Kids
  • How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7
  • Introduction to Python
  • Shri/Sri – A Discussion
  • An Interview with Fedora Science – Amit Saha
  • How to use Indian Rupee Symbol in GNU/Linux?
  • Article Competition

Get your copy at

Kaniyam-06 Released

Happy to release the 6th edition of Kaniyam, the only e-magazine for free software in Tamil.

Get your copy at

In this edition we discuss the following in Tamil

  • Debian Administration Guide – An intro
  • Fedora 17 – An intro
  • Difference between Free Software and Open Source
  • Introduction to IRC
  • Kylo goes open source
  • LESS – easy CSS
  • PDF Shuffler – Split/Merge/Shuffle PDF files
  • Learn GNU/Linux – 4
  • Intro to alias
  • Install Android SDK via PPA
  • Edit PDF files using Hybrid PDF
  • Top 10 Security Audit tools
  • SOKOBANO – 3D game
  • Learn FIND Command
  • Download all Kaniyam editions
  • Announcement – M.Sc Foss

Spread the Kaniyam Editions to all.

Send your comments/content to


National Workshop on Software Freedom in Engineering Education at Chennai

National Workshop on Software Freedom in Engineering Education

Date: 28th March 2012

Asan Memorial College of Engineering & Technology,
Asan Nagar,
(9th Km of Chengalpet – Mahabalipuram Highway)
Chengalpet – 603 105

Topics to be covered

  • What is FOSS?
  • FOSS Philosophy
  • Why it is important in Engineering Education?
  • Linux Everywhere
  • Why specifically Linux?
  • Learn the Linux way?
  • Installing Linux
  • Introduction to Applications in Linux
  • Understanding the Linux File system
  • Popular linux commands for daily use
  • Projects in FOSS
  • Open Source Programming / Tools

Registration fee : 200

Participants should register through email by sending the
filled in registration form and the registration fee has to be
paid on the workshop at the venue.

i.As the no.of seats is limited, the selection will be FCFS basis.
Candidates registering on the last date may not get

ii. The participants coming from beyond 300km , exempted
from fee on production of travel tickets, but need to register.

Important dates

Submission of Registration forms (by E-Mail) : 17.03.12

Intimation of selection (by E-Mail) : 19.03.12


Prof.R.Mariappan, Dept of CSE,
Asan Memorial College of Engineering & Technology,
Asan Nagar,
(9th Km of Chengalpet – Mahabalipuram Highway)
Chengalpet – 603 105

Tel No: 044-27447283/7106
Mobile: +919444812756

Send the following details to

Contact Number

Share this info with your friends.

Hackathon on KDE, Wikipedia, Django – Exebit 2012 – IITM


It’s hacking time again! Hackathon 2012 brings to you the unique opportunity to hack on open source projects and win big prizes. Just unleash the hacker inside you and the rest will fall..

This year, we bring to you, developers from three open sources projects – KDE, Mediawiki and Django. They will help you in getting started with the projects.

Event format
The event will start on the first day(3rd March, 2012) morning, with how to get started sessions by the three developers. You can participate in teams of maximum size 4. Each team has to choose only one project. Team registration will be done during the getting started sessions.

After the getting started sessions, a list of interesting bugs and features will be put up. You can choose from the given list or choose your own bugs to fix. You will have time till the next day morning to work on it. The developers will be present all throughout the day to help you in hacking the code.

On the second day morning, the teams will be given a chance to present their hacks. The top three hacks will be chosen and the respective teams will be awarded prizes.

Prepare ahead! It’s open source
Since the projects are open source projects, you don’t need to wait till the event starts. You can prepare beforehand and come for the event. This will increase your chances to win. Here are few links which can help you in getting started with the projects:

IRC: #kde-in #kde-devel

IRC: #mediawiki

Django: // This is the wiki page for the entire contribution system to django. Explains the different ways in which you can contribute, in terms of code, documentation, etc. // This contains the list of tickets which have been submitted. It can be queried in the order of easy pickings, patch received, etc.. The IRC channel for django is #django. The other guidelines are given in the first link itself.
What is an IRC? –

Note: “Participants have to bring their own laptops”

For queries contact :

Source :


Richard Stallman Visit to Chennai – on News

On Feb 6, 2012, Richard M Stallman a.k.a RMS, the father of Free Software visited Chennai and Gave a Talk on “Free Software” at IIT Madras.

The event was organized by Free Software Foundation TamilNadu [ ]

I was one of the volunteering team for organizing the event.
It was a real mega event with 3500 participants.

The hall was never filled before like this. The previous huge crowd was when Abdul Kalam addressed students. That too around 2000 participants.

Just wondering how RMS reaches the community with such huge audience.

Here are the newspaper coverages.


Chennaipy Feb Monthly Meet

= February Monthly Meet

== Date & Time

25 Feb, 2012
3:00pm to 5:00pm

== Venue

Zilogic Systems,
Fourth Main Road,
Kamaraj Nagar,

Location map:

== Agenda

1. Lightning Talks – 30 min.
GStreamer and Python – Abdul
LDAP and Python– Vijay Kumar

If you would like to give a lightning talk, just come prepared,
we will be able to accommodate you.

2. Game Development Tutorial by TheNewBoston – 50 min

A series of videos that shows how to build games using Python and
Pygame. The video series is available at

Join the ChennaiPy group at