ILUGC Monthly Meet ( July 14 )

ILUGC Monthly Meet ( July 14 )======================= Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on Free Open Source Software in Chennai since Jan 1998. We meet regularly on every month second saturday with technical talks and discussions on various Free software.Check our website for further details. Join our mailing list … Continue reading ILUGC Monthly Meet ( July 14 )

Richard Stallman Visit to Chennai – on News

On Feb 6, 2012, Richard M Stallman a.k.a RMS, the father of Free Software visited Chennai and Gave a Talk on "Free Software" at IIT Madras.The event was organized by Free Software Foundation TamilNadu [ ]I was one of the volunteering team for organizing the event.It was a real mega event with 3500 participants.The … Continue reading Richard Stallman Visit to Chennai – on News

Punnagai – Community Computing Center, Mylapore, Chennai – Inaguration

We all have the dream for serving the community we live.Sometimes we donate money, sometimes cloths.Sometime we contribute to Free Open Source Software by writing code, documenting, meeting, spreading the freedom and more.Some people teach to poor students. They give free education to them.Some people donate books and notes.Some people takes care of their education … Continue reading Punnagai – Community Computing Center, Mylapore, Chennai – Inaguration

FOSS Contribution gives Free Education

Contributing to FOSS is always giving back in the form of satisfaction, new friends, nice job with good pay, great community, knowledge, social responsibility and more.Now, it starts to give Free College Education too.Kumaran, is one of our ILUGC [ Indian Linux Users Group - Chennai ] Member.We can say that one of the youngest … Continue reading FOSS Contribution gives Free Education

Software Freedom Day 2011 – Minutes

The Software Freedom Day 2011 Celebrations were filled with lot of funand enthusiasm at MIT,Chrompet Chennai on September 17, 2011We had 18 stalls as follows. 1. Libre Office2. Kompozer3. FFMPEG, Audacity4. Python5. PHP6. Drupal7. Scilab8. Subversion&GIT9. Firefox Addons10. Spoken-Tutorial11. Mozilla12. Tamil Wikipedia13. Ruby14. Joomla15. Subversion Edge16. Open Source CDs and Books17. Ruby on Rails(RoR)18. Educational … Continue reading Software Freedom Day 2011 – Minutes

Call for Volunteers – Demo stalls for Software Freedom Day 2011

Friends.Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ] is celebrating the "Software Freedom Day" [ ]every year on September month. We setup the demo stalls on variousFree Open source Software to public to demonstrate them.In 2011, we celebrate it on September 17.Place is yet to confirm. Will confirm it soon.We need volunteers for the … Continue reading Call for Volunteers – Demo stalls for Software Freedom Day 2011

List of Stalls for SFD

Last week, we had a nice chat session in #ilugc-in regarding the software freedom day celebration activities.The list of stalls and the volunteer names are discussed.We made a list and here it is.From MIT1.OpenFoam - A tool for CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) simulation and analysis - Rajendra Mohan2.QUCS (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator) - Dhivya, Kaviyarasi3.Customization … Continue reading List of Stalls for SFD