Will you buy a Digital Product that allows you to share and remix?

Today, My beloved Tamil author Mr.N Chokkan, asked a question in twitter. புது நூல் / இசை PDF / MP3 கிடைக்குமா என்றுதான் 99.99% ட்வீட்கள். சும்மா ஒரு பாவனைக்குக்கூட, ‘எங்கே வாங்கலாம்?’ என்று கேட்பதில்லை https://twitter.com/nchokkan/statuses/399372520245043200 புதுப்பட / பாடல் / புத்தக download லிங்க் பகிரங்கமாகக் கேட்போர் ‘அரிசி அரை கிலோ வேண்டும், எங்கே திருடலாம்?’ என்று ட்வீட் எழுதுவார்களா? https://twitter.com/nchokkan/statuses/399372850156429312 He asks that People ask … Continue reading Will you buy a Digital Product that allows you to share and remix?

Add an alias with all users in postfix

Question:  How to create an alias, for example, allusers@domain.com, where the email sent to allusers@comain.com reaches all the users available in the posrfix server?Answer:Do the following.1.find /home/* -maxdepth 0 | cut -d'/' -f3 > /etc/mail/team2. add the following line in the file  /etc/aliasesallusers: :include:/etc/mail/team3. run the following commandnewaliases4. run this command too/etc/init.d/postfix reloadYou have to … Continue reading Add an alias with all users in postfix

Richard Stallman Visit to Chennai – on News

On Feb 6, 2012, Richard M Stallman a.k.a RMS, the father of Free Software visited Chennai and Gave a Talk on "Free Software" at IIT Madras.The event was organized by Free Software Foundation TamilNadu [ http://fsftn.org ]I was one of the volunteering team for organizing the event.It was a real mega event with 3500 participants.The … Continue reading Richard Stallman Visit to Chennai – on News

The TamilWiki Media contest

Tamil Wikipedia is conducting a Media Contest. Participate and upload your photos, audio and video files, animations, graphs and maps related to Tamil and Tamils. The TamilWiki Media contest is being organised to increase the quality media content related to Tamil and Tamilians in Wikimedia projects, To attract non-text contributors like photographers, graphic artists, animators, … Continue reading The TamilWiki Media contest

Announcing mediawiki-uploader

Tamil Wikipedia announced a Media Contest to increase the commons media files like photos, audio and video in the wikipedia world.see the announcement here.http://ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contest/enTo upload the photos there are two ways available so far.1. The web based upload wizardhttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:UploadWizard2. Java based upload tool - Commonisthttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Tools/CommonistWe have to provide a detailed filename and description to the … Continue reading Announcing mediawiki-uploader

Hackathon for open source Tamil Computing

The Thamizha community and the ILUGC community are organizing a hackathon to create free software on October 9th. I request those who haven't registered to provide response at this form. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFdtTVpzdXo4RlQzSU9zWGlfWjRYVmc6MQThe information is given below: Date:9th October 2011 Time:9AM to 5PM Venue:TalentSprint66, Gaudia Mutt Road Royappettah Directions:On Radhakrishnan Salai, turn left at the Music Academy.After … Continue reading Hackathon for open source Tamil Computing

ILUGC Monthly Meet (October 8 th)

ILUGC Monthly Meet (October 8 th):-==============================Time : Sat October 8 , 2011 (3.00 - 5.30 PM)Venue: Classroom No 8,Areo Space Engineering,Near Gajendra Circle,IIT Madras.Link for the Map: http://bit.ly/iit-aero1.Topic:Introduction to Ruby On RailsDescription:Ruby On Rails is an open source web framework that's optimized for programmwe happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by … Continue reading ILUGC Monthly Meet (October 8 th)

Hackathon at Chennai on October 9 – by Thamizha and ILUGC

Hello all, The Thamizha (www.thamizha.com) community is a developer community dedicated in creating Open Source software for Tamil users. As a part of the community efforts, a Hackathon is going to be conducted in Brisbane, Australia on October 9th. As  a parallel effort, we will have a hackathon in Chennai jointly organised by ILUGC and Thamizha … Continue reading Hackathon at Chennai on October 9 – by Thamizha and ILUGC

Resize and Add Caption to multiple images using bash script

The most loveliest feature of GNU/Linux is we can automate anything we do manually.I capture the nice moments of the events I participate and will upload the pictures in photo sharing websites like picasa, facebook etc.We shouldfilter - remove unwanted, bad looking photosrotate - rotate them to view easilyresize - 640x480 is enough to view … Continue reading Resize and Add Caption to multiple images using bash script