ILUGC Monthly Meet – November 10, 2018 – 3-6 pm – IITM

Hello all,

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) in Chennai since January 1998.

We usually meet on the second Saturday of every month, and for the month of October we shall meet on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 1500 IST.

Venue: Classroom No 1,
Aerospace Engineering,
Near Gajendra Circle,
IIT Madras.
Link for the Map:

Talk Details:

Topic 1:

Topic : Time Management in the Linux World

Description : Short talk about NTP and alternatives to it.

Duration : 15-20 minutes

About Me : I’m Raghuram, an Arch Linux fan.

Topic 2:

Topic: Introduction to TempleOS

Description: A small Introduction to a 64-bit, multi-core,
multi-tasking, non-preemptive, single-address-space, ring-0 only Operating System written by a Madman who is no longer with us (more on

About Speaker: Mohan, R Just another FOSS Enthusiast

Duration: 30 mins

Topic 3:

QA & general discussions

Entry free. All are welcome.

Kaniyam Foundation September, October 2018 Report English


Kaniyam Foundtion – September, October 2018 Report


An environment where all virtual resource, tools and knowledge related to Tamil Language and ethnic groups, are accessible free and open to all.


To ensure that use of Tamil language is advanced, parallel to social economic and scientific development and to provide knowledge and resources free and open to all.

Foundation Updates செய்திகள்

Events Magazine

  • Released ebooks at – 27

Free/Open Source Software Creation

Bank Statement

  • Current – 10,000
  • Expense – 0

Notes : T Shrinivasan received Rs. 50,000 as a prize for Canada Literary Garden award. He mentioned that he will give that amount for Kaniyam Foundation. He gave 10,000 Rs to start the bank account. He will give remaining 40,000 Rs in two months.

Bank account details

Kaniyam Foundation
Account Number : 606101010050279
Union Bank Of India
West Tambaram, Chennai
IFSC - UBIN0560618
  • Please send your donations to this account to support activities of Kaniyam Foundation
  • Send your name, donation details to

For more information or queries, write to –


Source –,-October-2018-Report—English

For Tamil Report –

Software Freedom Day / GNU/Linux Installfest – Tambaram

We are celebrating Software freedomday with a GNU/Linux Install Fest.

Agenda :

10.00 – 11.00 – Intro to Free Software in Tamil
11.00 – 12.00 – Demonstration of Various Free Software in Tamil
12.00 – 1.00 – Introduction to Copyright, Creative Commons/Wikipedia in Tamil

1.00 – 2.00 – Lunch

2.00 – 5.00 GNU/Linux InstallFest

Venue :
MES 1st cross street, Near Corley school, East Tambaram, Chennai – 600059

For full details, visit here

How to learn Bigdata, ML, DL, AI, etc ?

Nithya is writing tutorials in Tamil at about Bigdata and Machine Learning.

After reading those tutorials, we are receiving many mails asking on how to jump into the world of BigData, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Its happy that many are interested in learning new things. We receive emails like,

“Hi, I am a Fresher. Can I learn Bigdata?”
“I am a analyst at Bank. How about jumping to data science?”
“I am a Doctor. Will learning AI help me?”
“I am a Writer. How to get a Machine Learning job?”


To all, who love to move into a new jobs with Data Science, Big data, Machine Learning, AI, add any new buzz word here,

Yes. You can get new jobs, new roles, new challenges, in these fields.

But, wait. It needs more learning, more practise, more time, Home Work, Community Works.

It is like how to become a Pilot. To drive an Aeroplane. We have to learn walk on floor, run, drive bicycle, bikes, cars then only aeroplanes. It needs to learn Physics, Aerodynamics, Astronomy and more things.

Bigdata, Machine learning, Deep Learning, AI are like driving aeroplanes. Yes. They are fancy. But, they need lot of pre-requests skills.

As we see many aeroplanes, there are many pilots. Anyone can become a Pilot with required learnings and training. Like this any one can learn bigdata, ML etc with learning and training.

The below things are essentials to start with.

1. GNU/Linux

Learning GNU/Linux is a must. With this only you can fly. You should love the command line. Text editors like vim or emacs. should install various packages. Manage the processes, hard disk partitions, and users in command line itself.

Start living with GNU/Linux. Forget Windows. Dont ask why cant we learn bigdata with Windows. You can do few things. But, to learn swimming, you have to jump into water.

start with this book –


2. Networking Basics

Setting up basic networks, IP address, Routing, Firewall, DNS, VPN etc are essential.


3. Programming

Forget diving into Bigdata, if you have fears on programming. Learn Python. It is very easy, powerful. It can help you to do all the magics.



Learn SQL with MySQL, and NoSQL with Redis, MongoDB


5. Visualizations

Learn how to draw charts with the data you have in LibreOffice Calc. Do the same with Python and matplotlib. Then, Explore ELK stack’s Kibana to make charts and dashboards.


6. Cloud service

We can learn all the bigdata tools with our laptops itself. (Min 4 GB RAM is required. 8GB is preferred). But learning them on a cloud service provider will give lot of powers. We can create new virtual machines, process TBs of data easily with Cloud providers. Though it may cost little, it is a worth spend. Learn AWS or Digital Ocean or Google Cloud or Azure.


7. The Big Data tools

Learn Hadoop, Spark, Scikit Learn, Tensor Flow and what not? These are the real things that does the fancy stuff you love.
8. Maths/Algorithms

We lost maths on our schools/colleges. But Math wont leave us. All the fancy stuff need great understanding of Maths and various algorithms. Learn them as much as possible.
9. Community Contributions

We will learn something seriously, only when we have to teach something for others. Write blog posts on your learnings daily. Join the tech communities nearby. Check for your city. If there is no community, create one and start teaching. Conduct meetups and workshops. They will be a great places for meeting awesome people and tons of learnings. Create screencasts and video tutorials. They will help others to find you easily. Contribute to any opensource software in the possible ways. write some doc. fix some bugs.
Looks huge? yes. it is huge. Your Bike is one or two dials as dashboard. But a Boing Flight is having too many dials in front of a Pilot. To become Pilot, you have to pay huge amount of money. But for learning Big Data, etc, the only investment you have to do is on your laptop, internet connection, your time and your mind.

Internet provides tons and tons of tutorials, blog posts, video tutorials, online courses for teaching all of these. No one on the human history got these amount of learning resources.

Ignorance of anything, nowadays is only our choice.

I have been told these in my talks, personal emails to many of my friends at ILUGC and KanchiLug. Many followed them and now rocking on these fancy fields.

Few years back, I told the same things to my wife Nithya, When she was a software tester. She started learning GNU/Linux. She took notes on what she learnt in Tamil. We published them as Ebooks. Then, she started to learn Python. She made her learnings as Video Tutorials. She learnt ELK, Hadoop, Spark. She gave talks at Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai Monthly meetings. She made video tutorials on them. Then, she got a Job in Machine Learning field. Now she is writing and making video tutorials on Machine Learning.

If she can do all these, you can also do anything.
Writing and teaching is the best way to learn anything.

Start learning something new daily, write about it in your blog, make a video tutorial, teach to your community. Become a pilot. Fly !

Continuous Learning – Few Thoughts

There were few old days when I felt like I know everything about computers. Soon I realized I was wrong.

When I was a Windows/Visual Basic kid, I felt like I am the master of computers.

At 2004, When I joined the mailing list of Indian Linux Users Group, everything was changed. They introduced me the deep rabit hole of the GNU/Linux world.

One fine day, Mr.Chandrashekar Babu, sent a mail to the ilugc list about his free classes on Shell Scripting.

Read his post here –

Myself and my friend Balavignesh attended his sessions. He showed the wonderland of command line. After that, attended his training on GNU/Linux Administration. From those glory days, I am feeling that tons of new things to learn.

I have seen Chandrashekar sir was reading new things, learning new stuff daily. He can sit for hours and hours to read the books, manuals, practise, practise and master any technology.

Chandrashekar Babu, teaching Concurrency in Python at PySangamam on Sep 8, 2018

He inspired me to keep learning new things always.  Some times, I know things wider, for few things I go deeper.

There is another person who is inspiring me by his thirst for learning new things.

Dr. Parthasarathy. An old retired professor. His first mail to me was on 11 June 2010, querying on how to display Tamil with Latex. On that time we were making a Ubuntu Manual in Tamil at KanchiLUG. It was rendered with latex and he found it interesting.

Being a Math Professor, he knew latex well. But, showing unicode was new for him. He learnt to use unicode fonts in latex and he made few documents in Tamil using Latex.

Dr. Partha explaining Latex at Indian Linux Users Group Chennai on March 10, 2018

He was so happy to know a guy who can give support for his search on new learnings. Being a linux user on those days was to learn tons and tons of new things, ourself. There was no stackoverflow, no detailed blogs, no knowledged persons around us. Linux users group mailing lists, few forums like, man pages, documents, big books were the only source of information.

So helping each other and sharing the knowledge was so precious on those days. I used to ask many questions to him on latex, math, encryption, cryptography etc. He used to ask configuring printers, KDE hacks etc. Being a unix man, he was confused on the fancy GUIs of Gnome2, Gnome3, Unity. KDE is better on keeping a consistency on GUI.

See his plain HTML site I wondered to know about his contributions to TLDP docs and POSIX standards.

Even now, we are sharing long Q/A emails. He is always inspiring me with the learning skills. He often comes to our home with a list of hacks, questions that he want to learn. We both sit together and learn the new hacks.

I am feeling blessed, when thinking on both Chandrashekar sir and Dr. Partha. Both of them are encouraging me, inspiring me to keep learning new stuff.

Nowadays, we have given a great gift called internet. We can learn anything now. There are millions of websites, blogposts, Q/A sites, video tutorials available to learn anything for free.

Ignorance of anything is a choice by ourself.

When I feel, I am not learning new things for a while, a thought about Chandrashekar or Dr.Partha, will ring the bell inside me. Then, I will push myself to sit with my kindle or read my readinglist on the things I want to learn.

I thank both of them for  being my Gurus.



Indian Linux Users Group Chennai – Oct 2018 Meet – Oct 13 – 3-6 pm – IITM

Hello all,

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) in Chennai since January 1998.

We usually meet on the second Saturday of every month, and for the
month of October we shall meet on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 1500 IST.

Venue: Classroom No 1,
Aerospace Engineering,
Near Gajendra Circle,
IIT Madras.
Link for the Map:

Talk Details:

Topic 1:

Topic : Changing laptop background based on battery status!!!

Description :
I fiddled around with my laptop to try and make the desktop background change based on battery status. The task was deceptively difficult, and is an interesting story to share.

Duation : 20 minutes

About Speaker : I’m Raghuram, a fresh graduate from IIT Guwahati. I
love linux (arch), raspberry pi and python.

Topic 2 :

Topic : “Machine Learning in a nutshell”

Description : Machine Learning Fundamentals, Data Science approach to a problem, Model Building, Model Validation and Data visualisation.

Duration : 45 – 60 min

Speaker : Lakshmikanth Rajamani, Machine Learning Engineer at Tata
Consultancy Services, Chennai

Topic 3 :

Topic: Code Swaraj: Open Source, Open Content

Description: Carl Malamud, from USA, will describe his efforts to make public information public in the United States and in India. Universal access to human knowledge is the great promise of our generation, but
knowledge has increasingly become colonized, cordoned off behind
paywalls, hidden by corporations and governments. Carl will describe
some of his efforts to make government databases and other public
content available, including the current Public Interest Litigation to
make Indian Standards available to all. Carl is the author of 9 books
including most recently “Code Swaraj,” co-authored with Sam Pitroda.
He is the recipient of the Pioneer Award from the Electronic Frontier

Duration: 30 Minutes


1. The Wire, Who May Swim in the Ocean of Knowledge:
2. National Herald, A unique and unlikely ‘satyagraha’ by an American
to free ‘knowledge’ ,
3. Malamud and Pitroda, Code Swaraj,
4. The Hind Swaraj Collection,

About Carl :

After reading Malamud’s call for action, Internet’s Own Boy Aaron
Swartz worked on bringing Court Documents of USA. Carl still
continues to do satyagraha on bringing to Access to Knowledge for all


Carl Malamud is an American technologist, author, and public domain
advocate, known for his foundation Public.Resource.Org. He founded the Internet Multicasting Service. During his time with this group, he was responsible for developing the first Internet radio station.

Malamud is the author of eight books, including Exploring the Internet
and A World’s Fair. He was a visiting professor at the MIT Media
Laboratory and is the former chairman of the Internet Software
Consortium. He also is the co-founder of Invisible Worlds, was a
fellow at the Center for American Progress, and was a board member of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.
Entry free. All are welcome.

Software Freedom Day 2018 – Tech Talks – Kanchipuram – Sep 29, 2018 – 10-5

Hello all,

Software freedom day is celebrated worldwide every year on September month.

We celebrate SFD at kanchipuram

Date : September 29, 2018 Saturday
Time : 10.00 am – 05.00 pm

Venue : A K T Municipal High School, Thumbavanam street, Near Kotrampalayam Street, Near Rangasamy Kulam, Kanchipuram
Map –

Topic 1 : Introduction to Free Software and GNU/Linux
Speaker : Shrinivasan
Time : 10.00 – 11.00

Topic 2 : Introduction to BigData using Hadoop
Description : Will explore the Bigdata eco systems, Hadoop, Pig, Spark and ElasticSearch
Speaker : Nithya

Time : 11.00 – 01.00


Topic 3 : Handson workshop on Hadoop
Speaker : Nithya
Time : 02.00 – 05.00

Prerequests :
1. Bring your laptops with linux and java installed, for handson
2. Read the below book and watch the videos.
3. Linux commandline, Python knowledge is preferred

Contact : T Shrinivasan 9841795468

Entry Free. All are welcome.

Software Freedom Day 2018 Chennai – Minutes

Our friends in Free Software Foundation TamilNadu organized Softwre Freedom day 2018 in Chennai. I participated and put a stall for Kaniyam Foundation and its activities. I explained on,, Tamil TTS, Ezhil Language, Open-Tamil library etc.

There were around 20 stalls. From Free Software Philosophies, Wikisource, Wikipedia, Privacy, Machine learning, Self hosting, Libreoffice, Olipedia, Libre Library, Games, GIMP, Inkscape, Stelleriam, RISC V, Blue DOT movement, Tamil Computing, OpenStreetMap etc


The stalls are so much informative. The volunteers explained the concepts well. We got around 70 visitors from various backgrounds. They asked many questions and got more information.

We had a QA session before lunch with the volunteers and participants. I answered few questions on Opportunities of contribution for non-programmers. explained about Creative Commons license and how any creator/artist/photographer/musician can contribute to the open world.

Had deep conversations on few new friends on Job opportunities, On creating a social movement on leaving space for ambulances on roads, with a blue light and alert from a traffic police, on contributing to various tamil computing projects etc.

In the evening, got an opportunity to give a talk to the team on the stage. Shared few experiences on mailings lists, how the tamil computing efforts are started and running etc.

It was so enthusing to see the youngsters are working hard to promote the Free Software in all the ways they can. tons of thanks for the Volunteers, Organizing Team, and participants for making the event fruitful to all.

My clicks are here –

Software Freedomday 2018 at Chennai & Pondicherry

Software Freedom day is celebrated worldwide this month.

In Chennai,


Poster –

Date – 23rd Sep 2018
Time – 9 AM to 5 PM

Venue – Madras School of Social Work, Egmore (
Event –

1. FOSS Alternatives
2. Gaming in Linux
3. FOSS & The Universe
4. Privacy Tools for Browser
5. Android Alternatives
6. Science and FOSS
7. Libre Digital Library
8. FOSS & Art
9. Tamil Computing & Contribution
10. Kaniyam Foundation
11. Mapping the Commons – OpenStreetMap
12. Wikipedia & Tools
13. And Lots More


In Pondicherry,

FB event:

Venue: Petit Seminaire Hr. Sec. School, MG Road

Date: 23/09/18 – Sunday
Time: 10AM – 5PM

Stall List:
1.   Why FLOSS today?
2.   Blender – Selva
3.   Women in FOSS – Sindhuja Sundaraj
4.   Hamara Linux & RISC V –  Shivani Bhardwaj, Hamara Linux
5.   Selfhosting,Yunohost – Prasanna
6.   Data processing, visualization & generative art – Suriya
7.   Open Robotics Platform For Kids – Vimal
8.   MIT App Inventor – Sanjivy
9.   Mass surveillance & Indian cyberpolicy – Arunekumar
10. Wikimedia Projects & Tamil Wikipedia Efforts – Dhinesh, Ranjith &
11. FOSMC & FreeCAD – Kamalesh, Sachin, Kavin
12. FOSS for schools – Giri
13. Bitcoin, blockchain & cryptocurrency – Kamal
14. Linux distributions – Ragul


Dont miss these events in you are in Chennai or pondicherry.

PySangamam – Tons of learnings, Happy moments


PySangamam, is the first Python Conference of TamilNadu.
ChennaiPy team arranged for this two days conference.

Conducting a conference is like arranging for a marriage.
It will take all our time and energy, for few months.

I dont know how to thank the ChennaiPy team, organizers and volunteers for this great event. My apologies for not contributing.

I was following up from their initial discussions about the conference. The hard work they put was so fruitful. We had a memorable days at the event.

I liked the below things.

1. Single Track.
2. Poster Presentation after a lunch time.
3. Neat venue
4. Nice Food
5. Enough amount of participants
6. Wonderful Speakers
7. Awesome topics
8. Video Recording
9. Handson Workshops
10. Event on Friday/Saturday – So that we can enjoy the sunday with family.
11. Nice followups on from Call for speakers, Call for booking etc
12. Great updates on mail on the flow
13. Good followups and retweets on @PySangamam twiter handle
14. Nice goodies – IDcards, food coupons, Bag, notebook, pen
15. Neat Simple website

I did a poster presentation on “How Python is helping for Tamil Computing?”


Explained on Ezhil Language, Open Tamil Library, OCR4WikiSource, FreeTamilEbooks automation, Tamil TTS Automation, NLP Tools for Tamil
Many of them wondered to see such things happening in Tamil. Few agreed to check these tools and contribute.

It was a happy moment to see 4 of the open-tamil contributors met on the poster.  ArunRam, Shrinivasan, Nithya and KraceKumar.

Wondered to see a 7th standard kid explaining on how he learnt Python. Will say about him on all my future python sessions and to all who ask for learning python.

Met my old friends Kamesh, Stylesen, Yogesh. Had nice time with them. Arvind from Elastic got introduced. He shared more new things about the Elasticsearch and

For my surprise, My master, Mr.Chandrashekar Babu was handling a workshop on concurrent programming. I always feel blessed to be in his classroom.
He is one of the main causes for me for being myself. He is always inspiring me with his continuous learning and sharing nature.

Learnt tons of new things in this two days. gevents, generators, yield, opencv, class, meta, async, queue, datastructure, xrange, stack and more. Have to digest them by reading about them and use int he projects I am working on.

As on the PySangamam logo, From Thirukkural – 394
குறள் 394:

உவப்பத் தலைக்கூடி உள்ளப் பிரிதல்
அனைத்தே புலவர் தொழில்.
மற்றவர்கள் கூடி வரும்போது, மனம் மகிழ அவர்களுடன் கலந்து பேசி, இனி இவரை எப்போது, எவ்வாறு சந்திக்கப் போகிறோம் என்று அவர்கள் எண்ணுமாறு பிரிவது கற்று அறிந்தவரின் செயல்.

It is the part of the learned to give joy to those whom they meet, and on leaving, to make them think (Oh! when shall we meet them again).
Realized and experienced this with PySangamam.

I dont have words to express my Thanks.

Waiting to see you all again.

My few clicks are here.  No much clicks this time.



One request for PySangaman team and other conference organizers –

Please arrange a play area for kids, so that parents can come as family and attend the events. Our kid Viyan came along with us. We had to keep on entertaining him with goodies, stickers, notebook, drawing etc. It may be tough things to arrange for a kids area. But it will help to being more women speakers and participants .