30 Project Ideas for contributing to Indic Wikipedia Projects

Last week, I had an interesting meeting with Panjabi Wikimedian community and CIS-A2K team.

Panjabi wikimedia community is small in count. But each of them are contributing with their best. Many of them doing 100-days-of-wiki, personal wiki edithathon for 100 days. Few of them do in in multiple sites and many times a year.

Their interest on contribution and passion on their language is awesome.

Interacted on wikisource, wiktionary and wikipedia. Shared many ideas to improve their workflow. They are looking for many tools to automate their tasks. Those tools will be useful for all wiki communities.

Then, had some great discussions with CIS-A2K team. We spoke about many interesting project ideas.
Listing them all the ideas here.

1. List down the Top 10 tricks/hacks/must know on any wikisource project

2. Make simple tutorials on how to start contributing to wiki, in all possible languages. Still we dont have an ebook or easy starter guide in Tamil. There may be video tutorials. curate them and show them in better way to find them easily.

3. Telegram bot to proofread wikisource contents. Get a page from wikisource. split it into lines, then words. Show a word and OCRed content in a telegrambot. User should verify or type the correct spelling in telegram itself. Submit the changes to wikisource. Thus, we can make the collaborated proofreading easily.

4. Explore how to use flickr for helping photographers to donate their photos for commons. Flickr is easy for them to upload and showcase. From there, we should move the photos to commons. Few tools are already available. Explore them and train them for photographers.

5. We should celebrate the volunteers who contribute to wiki. By events, news announcements, interviews etc. CIS may explore this.

6. Web application for OCR4WikiSource

7. Make a web application to record audio and upload to commons and add in wiktionary words. explore Lingua-Libre for web app.

8. Make a mobile application to record audio and upload to commons and add in wiktionary words.

9. CIS may ask the language based organizations to give their works/tools on public licenses.

10. A one/two day meeting/conference to connect various language technologies. Each team can demonstrate the tools they are working on. others can learn and use them for their languages. CIS may organize this soon.

11. Building spell checkers for Tamil. Learn how other other languages are doing. Odia seems to have good spell checker. Explore that.

12. For iOS, there is no commons app to upload photos. It was there sometime ago. Fix the iOS commons app and rerelease it again.

13. Build Maps with local languages with OSM.

14. One/Two day training on wiki tech. like gadgets, tools, toolserver, API, etc

15. Tweet marketing to promote the ebooks released in wikisource projects. Measure the downloads.

16. CIS may talk with amazon to release the ebooks from wikisource for free always at amazon.

17. Explore Valmigi project of malayalam, chikubuku of kannada – for their ebooks.

18. Download ebooks from dspace, bengali books – West Bengal Public Library Network – url – http://dspace.wbpublibnet.gov.in:8080/jspui/

19. Explore paid works for wikisource proofreading.

20. Blog on how ta wikisource for 2000 ebooks from TN government in public domain license. Send to CIS. They may try to do the same for other languages.

21. ASI website has info about all monuments. Scrap them all and add in wiki.

22. Scrap details from tourism sites and add in wiki.

23. Kannada archeology site has tons of images but with 3 seals added in all images. scrap them, remove seal and add to commons.

24. Tool to audit wiki sites. like new users, edits, measurements, KPIs, reports etc.

25. Discuss with wiki writers and help them to automate their tasks. Build new tools to help them. train existing tools.

26. Get existing photos from many photographers. Get license doc. Add in OTRS. Have a team to upload the photos to commons.

27. Find the pages that don’t have images. Search in commons and add 1 image automatically.

28. Infobox in wiki pages may have 1 image. Check for the same page in other languages.. get the image from infobox and use it in missing pages.

29. Tito showed a broken JS script. Explore it and fix it.

30. Discuss with victor and google team to improve the OCR feature and integrating with wikisource. Explore existing tools like http://tools.wmflabs.org/ws-google-ocr/ and https://wikisource.org/wiki/Wikisource:Google_OCR


Thanks to Ravi, Tito, Tanveer, Dan, Charan Singh, Manavpreet, Rupika,Gurlaal, Stain for the interesting meeting and great ideas.

We can work on these ideas and implement them soon.

If you are interested in doing any of the ideas, reply here or mail me on tshrinivasan@gmail.com


Please donate to buy a good camera for a Wikimedia Commons Photography Contributor

Please donate to buy a good camera for a Wikimedia Commons Photography Contributor.

Source –


Mr.Yerkadu Elango, is a Tamil writer. He wrote 75 books. All the books are non-fiction, much informative, basic science oriented. General knowledge, educationalists, scientists, women leaders, social causes are the themes for his books.

To make Science and General Knowledge reach more people, he releases his books as Free Ebooks.


We can download all his 17 ebooks for free here.

As works in Botanical Department in a Central Govt office in Yerkadu, He is very good at categorizing the plants and flowers. He take photos of all the plants around Yerkadu and uploads in https://commons.wikimedia.org

https://commons.wikimedia.org is a sub project of Wikipedia, where we can contribute with photos and anyone can use the photos without any piracy issues. All the photos are in creative commons license. So we can use the photos and have to mention the name, url of the wikipedia page as source.

So far, Yerkadu Elango, contributed 5000 photos on Commons.

He adds the Botanical details of the plants along with the photos.

We can see all his contributions here – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Files_by_User:Yercaud-elango

More details about him:



He is looking for Donations to buy a good camera so that his efforts can be more useful for the community.

For now, he is using a normal point and shoot camera, which is not helping to capture the flowers are in height of trees. He has to climb up on trees and rocks to get the photos.

Recently this camera has broken.

It will be nice, if we can help him to buy a good camera with nice ZOOM features, may be around 30x.

Below is his request in Tamil.


வணக்கம். நான் இதுவரை 5000புகைப்படங்களை விக்கிமீடியாவில் இணைத்துள்ளேன். இதில்  தாவர இனங்களின் புகைப்படங்கள்,  விலங்குகள், வண்ணத்துப் பூச்சிகள்,  ஏற்காடு சுற்றுலா தளங்கள் என இணைத்துள்ளேன்.

தாவரங்களின் பெயர்களை அடையாளம் கண்டுபிடித்து அதற்கு தாவரவியல் பெயரிடுவது மிகவும் சிரமம். சுமார் 30 நிமிடம் முதல் சில நாட்கள், சில மாதங்கள் கூட ஆகும். அலுவலக வேலை, தமிழ்நாடு அறிவியல் இயக்க பணிகள், அறிவியல் புத்தகம் எழுதும் பணி என பல வேலைகளுக்கு இடையே இப்பணியை நவம்பர் 22, 2014 முதல் செய்து வருகிறேன்.

தாவரம், மரம் போன்றவற்றை புகைப்படம் எடுக்க ஏற்காடு மலையில் 50 கி.மீ. தூரம் வரை செல்ல வேண்டும். மலையின் மீது ஏற வேண்டும். இது ஆபத்தான வேலை. இருப்பினும் சமூக நோக்கத்துடன் மாணவர் சமூகத்திற்காக, ஆராய்ச்சி மாணவர்களுக்கு உதவுவதற்காக இப்பணியை செய்து வருகிறேன். 5 ஆண்டுகள்
செய்ய கூடிய பி.எச்.டி., ஆய்வுக்கு இணையான பணியாகும். 75 புத்தகங்களை எழுதி முடித்து விட்டு, எழுத்துப் பணியையும் தொடர்ந்து கொண்டிருக்கிறேன்.

இத்துடன் தாவரங்களின் படங்களை எடுத்து இணைக்கும் பணியிலும் ஈடுபடுகிறேன். மரத்தின் உச்சியில் உள்ள பூக்களை படம் எடுக்க வேண்டி இருக்கிறது. ஒரு அதி நவீன கேமரா இருந்தால் மரங்களின் உச்சியில் உள்ள பூக்களை படம் எடுக்க முடியும். மேலும் ஏற்காட்டில் வாழும் பறவைகள், விலங்குகளையும் புகைப்படம் எடுத்து விக்கிமீடியாவில் இணைக்க முடியும். சமூக நோக்கத்துடன் எதிர்கால மாணவர் சமூகத்திற்காக செய்ய இருக்கும் இப்பணிக்கு 25க்கும் மேற்பட்ட Mega Pixel மற்றும் 30 x Zoom கொண்ட கேமரா வாங்கிக் கொடுத்தால் பணி சிறப்பாக அமையும்.

ஏற்காடு இளங்கோ



We dont know, if such effort of capturing plants will happen once again. The initial effort itself should be best as much possible.

Please donate to buy a good camera for Yerkadu elango.

Bank Details:

T Shrinivasan
Account No:
Axis bank
Mylapore Branch
IFSC code UTIB0000006

Send an email to yercaudelango@gmail.com  & tshrinivasan@gmail.com on your donation details.

Thanks a lot.