Project Ideas – Part 2 – Looking for contributors

Here are few more project ideas.

1. mobile/web app to record voice for wikisoure – Show a word, record it, upload to commons, link back to wiktionary.

2. mobile/web app to record audio books  – FreeTamilEbooks needs audio books too

3. wordpress to android app convertor – Why cant we convert a wordpress site as android app with RSS feeds?

4. epub to apk convertor – Let us publish ebooks as mobile apps too.

5. blog to epub convertor – fix, add images
Add a feature to download images and add them to ebooks.

6. Daily mobi files for tamil newspapers
Crawl newspapers daily, make mobi, send them to kindle in email daily.

7. Send to kindle – feature for FTE
Add Send to kindle feature to site

8. Lime survey – SAAS – alternate to google forms
Explore limesurvey and make it as alternate for google forms.

9. Collect politicians info and release as app, site

How can we collect all politicians details as education, assets etc and publish for public?

10. setup ELK for tamil literature search, build a search engine on top of it

Explore using ElasticSearch and Kibana for Tamil Text analysis.

11. fix android app to record audio for wiktionary –
done at

12. Analyse tamil tv/radio show audio, find how many english words are used/hour
This paper may help
Contact Ganesh for python implementation of this algo

13. gui for voice record/upload – wiktionary

This needs a GUI version for windows users

14. gui for csv uploader

This needs a GUI for windows users

15. gui for open-tamil font convertor

Need a web application or GUI for all features of open-tamil

16. mobile app to teach tamil – pollachi nasan

17. wiki massuser create

Sometimes, we need to create 100s of users on wikipedia, for any training/event. Currently, only 6 users can be created. Admins can create multiple users, one by one. Automate this process using mechanize and beautifulsoup.

18. OCR4wikisource web version using google vision api

Rewrite with google vision api and give a web interface.

19. create a command line TTS from the source of a mobile TTS app.

Here is a open source TTS mobile app for tamil.

Register and download the source and apk.
The voice named “Naveen” is good.

There are many c files in the folder

Can you compile those files and give a binary file as a command line tool?

Explore these code and share your thoughts on how to convert this as a
desktop/command line application so that we can use it in our

20. Create a GUI app for bulk photo uploader for


How to create an ebook for Free Tamil is a portal for Tamil ebooks with creative commons license.

Let us see here, how to create ebooks for this portal.

1. Find content with creative commons license.

There are many blogs/sites in Tamil with creative commons license. We can get the content from there and create ebooks. We shold mention the same license in the books.

Ask bloggers and writers to release their content in creative commons license, so that we can create ebooks with their works.

2. Create an account in

We use to create the ebooks. It can export in the epub, mobi and XHTML formats.

Create login in

create a ebook.

There are front matter, main body and back matter sections.

Add new chapters in these sections.

Front matter.

1. Intro page

Add the cover image, intro text, author name etc. Cover image should be in vertical size. Check for sample cover images.

2. License Page

3. Ebook created by and publisher information

Main Body

1. Chapter 1

2. Chapter 2

3. etc

Copy and paste the book’s content here as new chapters.

Back Matter

1. About the author

2. Any other notes from author

3. About Free Tamil [ copy the content from ]

4. Add custom css for ebook.

Goto Apperance – Themes- Activate PressBooks custom css

Click the custom css. Edit CSS

Choose “Ebook” for the option “You are currently editing CSS for: “

Then, paste the following content and save.

p {
display : block;

5. Book Info

Add the following details in the book info.

Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, Language(Tamil), Add cover Image.

Copyright year, Copyright holder (author name), copyright notice ( add relevant creative commons license text here)

6. Export

Goto Export page.

Export as epub, mobi and xhtml.

Check the epub in ( ) chrome plugin.

You can stop here and send the epub, mobi, XHTML files to

We will take care of PDF files creations.

If you wish to produce A4 PDF and 6 Inch PDF, follow below instructions.

7. Creating PDF files:

Open the XHTML file in a text editor.

Add the following CSS code inside the <head> </head> block of the file.

We keep updating the CSS for improving the readability of the PDF files.

Get the latest CSS code from

<style type=”text/css”>

page-break-before: always;

#toc {
page-break-before: always;

page-break-before: always;
border-bottom-style: groove;
color : #3366FF;

h3.chapter-number {

h3.front-matter-number {

#half-title-page {

@media print {
img {
max-width: 100%;


In the TOC section, replace the word “Contents” with பொருளடக்கம்

Remove the line “<li><a href=”#main-body”>Main Body</a></li>”

Save the file.

8. Firefox Hacks:

We need to print A4 PDF and 9cm x 12 cm sized 6 Inch PDF file from Firefox browser.

In GNU/Linux, we can print as PDF file from firefox.

In windows, install a free PDF printer as doPDF.

Remove margins in Firefox

Firefox has its own margins for printing. We have to remove them all.

Type about:config in the addressbar.

Search for the string “margin”


Set the value as 0 for all the above strings.

Now, open the html file in a new tab.


Select Print to File

In Page setup tab, select paper size as “Manage Custom Sizes

Add new paper size named “kindle”

width: 90 mm height 120 mm

margins: top : 10mm bottom : 15mm left: 5 mm right 5mm

save this.

Add new paper size named “Custom A4”

width: 210 mm height: 297 mm

margins: top:25mm bottom:35mm left:25mm right 25mm

save this.

These are one time tasks only. We can use the same settings in our future works.

Now, print as two PDF files.

One with paper size “kindle” and 85% scale.

Another with paper size “Custom A4” and 100% scale.

Thats all. We got the epub, mobi, A4 pdf and 6 Inch PDF files for the ebook.

Now send these 4 files and the cover image to freetamilebooksteam AT gmail DOT com.