– submit RTI anonymously

Few days back, wrote about search for an organization that can help to file RTI anonymously.

Found it today. It is



It helps to file RTI online for free. All the requests are anonymous. They file rti on behalf of us. Once got the results, they publish it online. If you need privacy on your rti requests and for requests, you have to pay them.

I am wondering how they are doing as service for free and how they handle the threats from unknown people.

Tons of thanks for their services. Filed two rti on their site. They conduct rti awareness program in Hyderabad recently. Looking for such an event in Chennai.

If you are interested in such event, share the details about the people who can help on this. Let us create more awareness on RTI to public.


Filed a RTI to get info on Tamil TTS by IITM and SSN

I blogged on the topic “How to ask IITM to release IndicTTS as Free/Open Source Software?” recently.

Had a good discussion about this on the ILUGC mailing list too.

As a followup on this,  filed a RTI on this.

We can request for any information online in the portal itself. Registration asks for our address and phone number. Then we can fill the request form.

Note : The content box does not allow Question mark and URL.

Asked for the below information.

Is there any government policy or G.O to release the software developed by or funded by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity) and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (M CIT) as Free/Open Source software

2. Is IITMadras funding SSN engg college to develop a Tamil Text to speech software

3. If so, how much is the funded amount

4. Send me the project plan, roadmap, and cost splitups for the development

5. There is a open source android app for Tamil text to speech at IITM site. (IITM donlab site)
This is very very old. But the latest development by SSN college available at  [ speech DOT ssn DOT edu DOT in ]  is very new and works well. Why it is not released as Free/Open Source Software with source code

6. When can we get the latest Tamil Text to speech software from SSN college, as free/open source software with source code

Once submitted, paid Rs 10 via its online payment gateway. It was smooth.

Received an acknowledgment as below.

Fine. Let me wait for 30 days for the responses.

Will share the results here.




Is it possible to create a system for anonymous RTI?

rti க்கான பட முடிவு

Last week, I read a book about Right to Information, Thagaval Ariyum Urimai Chattam (Tamil) Kindle Edition

Thagaval Ariyum Urimai Chattam  (Tamil) by [S.A.M.Barakath Ali]

This book describes the history, usages, processes to apply for RTI, and about the murders, threats for the RTI activists.

The history, usage, examples are interesting. But, it seems that we may get murder threats, or get murdered by the unknown people. Few RTI activists lost their life because of asking questions about the scams and brought them out to public.

Sometimes, to bring bad name for any activist, fake RTI applications are produced by their names. For example, to give trouble to an activist, fake RTI was raised asking about a temple on a road side. Govt people tried to demolish the temple. When people asked, they told his name and he only raised RTI. The anger people yelled at him. Then he  had to explain that he did not raised that RTI.

All these happens, because, we have to give our Name and full address when applying for RTI.

Currently, there is no option to apply as anonymous. When we give a track to find us, they will find us for sure.

Thinking on a system to make RTI applying fully anonymous. This is a mixture of software, hardware and good hearted, bold people.

Currently, we can apply for RTI ourself, or via any organization like DYFI. Still, they need our address. If they put their address, when someone asks for the source of the RTI, they may give our details.

What we need is, the organization should not know any details about the RTI applicant.

File:Anonymous – CeBIT 2016 01.jpg


Imagining the following system.

  1. There should an organization, which can collect requests from common people, via online form or email or mobile app, anonymously.
  2. They apply for RTI with their address
  3. They announce the RTI application info with a unique id on their site
  4. Once the Information is received, they publish the results with the unique id on their website
  5. The original RTI applicant, checks the site and with the unique id, he can find the info.

To hide all traces of the RTI application, he should use Tor network systems. If the information from the govt is too private, we should explore the system of Public Key, Private key encryption systems to transfer the information between various networks.

There is a online site that does RTI request on behalf us. This asks for our address and online payment of Rs 200. The proposed organization can act similarly.

The next problem is online payment for the organization. Is there any way to send money anonymously online? if not, the organization should get donations and make it as a free service.

If we can create such an organization where we can hide our details 100%, more people will come forward to apply RTI for public issues.

Is it possible to create such an organization?

How can we use the latest technologies to provide 100% anonimisity for the RTI applicants?

Share your thoughts.


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How to ask IITM to release IndicTTS as Free/Open Source Software?

Indic TTS

This is a project on developing text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis systems for Indian languages, improving quality of synthesis, as well as small foot print TTS integrated with disability aids and various other applications. This is a consortium based project funded by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (M CIT), Government of India involving 13 institutions and SMT, IITM being one of them. The project comprises of Phase I and Phase II. Phase I of the project used Festival-based speech synthesis for Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Marathi . Phase II of the project commenced in 2012 employing HTS based statistical speech synthesis for 13 Indian languages.

Source :

As a part of IndicTTS system, SSN college people have developed a good working TTS for Tamil. You can see the demo here –

IITM has released a very priliminary version of Tamil TTS as android app as open source here –
That too without proper license and attributions to base, open source HMM HTS systems.

But the web version is really awesome and with great human like voices.

As the entire project is funded by Government of India, I think it should be released as Free/Open Source Software.

I requested the IITM team at to explain about the status of releasing the latest version of Tamil TTS as Free/Open Source software.

Did not get any reply.

We have the two options now.

  1. Improve the basic version of oepn source Tamil TTS they have released. But, need to explore the provided license to improve further and release in GPL or similar license. For this we have to do huge research on TTS and spend years again. Why do we have to reinvent the wheel?
  2. Ask to release the current TTS as Free/Open Source software. This seems a better as there is already a working software. Need to know whom to ask and how to ask.

Like to know that if there is any govt law says that all the software funded by public money should be released as Free/Open Source software. If so, please share the details about it.

Next is whom and how to ask for it.

Do we need to file a RTI? or need to request via any legal firm? is there any legal organization to support these kind of activities? can we get support from political party like communist to move it further?

It may be tougher to get the source as it involves more money, power, fame, policies, politics etc. But, we should ask for our rights as the TTS is made by our own money.

Share your thoughts.


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