Weekly Notes 03 – 2023

Last week started with a Pongal Movie. "Vaarisu". Went to watch the movie with family and few friends.I did not like the movie. But, not sure what else the movie industry can do with heros. They did their best. But as Audience, we are getting introduced to more good movies from more languages across the … Continue reading Weekly Notes 03 – 2023

Weekly Notes 01 – 2023

Hello all, I like to share my weekly notes, learnings, explorations here, inspired by weekly notes of Thejesh https://thejeshgn.com/tag/weekly-notes/ New year started very well with a meeting with KanchiLUG friends. Had good conversations with Mohan and Thanga Ayyanar. we discussed various things like SelfHosting, Books scanning, archiving, MineCraft/Minetest games etc. Completed reading the book - … Continue reading Weekly Notes 01 – 2023