Python Live Webinar – Invitation

Dear All,

Greetings. We are happy to invite you to join our Python Live Webinar
Course via Youtube Live Stream:

Ask your questions here during the live discussion :

Topic: Python CDAT Webinar Course
Every day 4-5 pm, until Apr 7, 2020, 10 occurrence(s)

Python Instructor – Mrs. Mahalakshmi Arulalan

Mar 29, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 1 : Python Introduction and Basics
Mar 30, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 2 : List
Mar 31, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 3 : String
Apr 1, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 4 : Loops
Apr 2, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 5 : Functions, Modules, File I/O

CDAT (Climate Data Analysis Tools) & IRIS – Python Library Instructor – Arulalan

Apr 3, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 6 : Introduction to CDAT & cdms
Apr 4, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 7 : genutil, cdutil
Apr 5, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 8 : cdtime, vcs (plotting), xmgrace
Apr 6, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 9 : IRIS
Apr 7, 2020 04:00 PM – Day 10 : Concluding Sessions

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How to install pdftk in ubuntu 18.04

pdftk” is a wonderful command line tool which is used to split, join, process pdf files easily. Unfortunately, it was removed on ubuntu 18.04 repositories.

Tried various ways to install it in ubuntu 18.04

sudo snap install pdftk

This works fine. But pdftk can not access the pdf files on other folders except $HOME, which is not useful for us.

After many researches, found the below commands install pdftk natively.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:malteworld/ppa -y
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pdftk -y

Found the solution here

Thanks for the wonderful open source community to provide all solutions.

Few work from home notes

On this corona emergency time, it is good to see that many companies are asking the employees to do work from home.

Not all jobs are suitable for working from home. Only IT related development, support, design people can do these. Some non IT, content development, multimedia teams also can do.

For many of the indian companies, work from home is very new. For employees, managers, and clients.

Work from home is both bliss and curse.

It needs more work, more dedication to do work from home.

I had got opportunities to do enough work from home options in my current and previous companies. Here are few points to note for newbies.


It needs military discipline to have a successful work from home. We are so used to be lazy, sleepy, slow in home. We are surrounded with family, kids, neighbours, friends, TV, and more. Most of us don’t have separate room to work. It needs very high energy to work for longer hours in this clumpsy place.

Wherever you are, once you open your computer for the job, you should immerse into it, till completing the task or the hours required.


In office, we have decent desks, chairs, monitors. But in home, we try to work from bed, sofa, on cushion. These are bad for long runs. If you are going to work from often, invest on good table, chair, monitor, wireless keyboard, mouse. They will save your health, time and hospital charges.

Working hours

You need to be very strict on working hours. In office, we have a in time and out time. But in home, we may be in front of computer, all the hours we are awake. So keep a very strict turn on time and turn off time for computer. Keep it around 8 hours so that you can have good life outside.

Avoid distractions. Say NO

If you are at home, kids will ask to play. Mom will ask you to go for a grocery shop, wife will ask for a mini outing. Neighbours will ask for assistance for any task. Learn to say NO to all. Tell your non available, working hours to them and postpone the tasks or delegate to others.

If you don’t know saying NO, you will be end the day with doing non office tasks and doing the office tasks all night. This will lead to bad performance.

Keep your team updated

Your team may be at office or globally spread. Keep them updated on what you are doing. Email, mailing list, chat, issue tracker, video conference, phone. What ever the tool you are asked to use, use them and update your activities regularly. This will help the team to grow faith on you. If you leave them blank on your progress, don’t expect any more support from management. Don’t let them to ask what you are doing.

Contact team regularly

Have team meetings, status calls, sprint calls, daily calls. Attend them compulsory. If you can’t attend, let the team know it. Make them know on your leaves. If you are away from keyboard for a short break, update in your team chat channel. Have quick calls and screensharing to clear doubts, to take any decisions.

Keep a log of daily tasks

Regardless of the usage of issue tracker, log your daily activities as notes or dairy and share with your team and management.

Timezone, day light saving calculations

If your team is across globe, have correct calculations of time with AM,PM, GMT, other time zones, day light savings etc.

Use calendar

Use a shared or private calendar to mark down the events, meetings and set prior alarms, notifications. In office, a peer will take us to a meeting. In home, we have to cautious on meeting times.

Keep mute in meetings

If you are in any online meeting, put yourself on mute on all the times, except when you speak. This will avoid huge noise and save alls time.

Have better hardware, internet

Have a better internet. Don’t rely on your smartphone internet. It will fail on important times. Apply for broadband. Get decent enough computer, mic, headphone, speakers. Investing on these will give tons of peace of mind for all.

If you share your WiFi with smart tv and all smartphones, get high bandwidth. These devices will loot all the internet, leaving very low for your work. Monitor the usage and get more bandwidth from your ISP.


We will become couch potato, if we are always on front of computer. Have some strict workout times. Do walk, running, jogging, exercise, dance. This will help to work better and keep focussed.


Have strict 8 hours sleep. This will avoid many issues before they happen.

Find your peak time

Not all are born for 9-5 peak hours. You may a night owl. Find your best working time and keep the team updated on your best time. So that they can plan and set proper expectations on your outputs.

Do work on working hours

Avoid all social media and unwanted internet surfing on internet. Be focussed and do only the work on working hours.

Socialise in person

After the working hours, talk to real people around you. Talking to real people will keep your mental health safe.

Be a master in your domain

Know all the things in your job. Learn the basics well. Read the documentation. Write documents for your jobs. Keep learning and become a master. With high skills, you can finish the jobs quickly and have better life outside. I have spent many nights debugging the code and found very silly mistakes. Each delay on the tasks will have after effects for sure.

Keep your desk, room cleaned

Our desks will be filled with papers, coffee cups, lunch plates, fruit wastes and more. Keep the table and room tidy. Remove all unwanted things ASAP.

Eat less. Drink more water

Being at home, kitchen and fridge open, we will be eating more. Be cautious on intake food. Eat less and drink more water.

Give enough time for family, hobbies

We work for better happy life of ours and family. Give them enough time and set them with proper expectations on your available time for them. Spent your time for family or office. Choose only one and spend better. Have a good hobby for your personal times.

Lock your screen

I had my kid, sent random strings on chat to team, shown funny face reactions on video chats, hit up arrow to choose a random command, which was ‘halt’ on a remote server, a sudden keyboard hit caused to run rm command. Fortunately not on production servers.

Lock your screen always.

Be faithful

Weather you are working or not, tell the truth to the management. The faith you build on yourself will only keep the working from home culture alive. Its okey to take leave and breaks on your work days. But inform the team and maintain the faith on you.

For management

  1. Believe your employees
  2. Build good culture of belief
  3. Use better communication tools. Chat, mail, issue tracker, wiki, knowledge base etc.
  4. Don’t do micro management
  5. Setup daily status calls
  6. Reimbursement for expenses of hardware, internet, table, chair etc
  7. Allow work from home often or for always for required people
  8. Have weekly one-to-one calls with management and team members.

Remember that the entire GNU/Linux operating system and its millions of tools are developed by volunteers working at home all around the globe.

Learn from open source development culture, tools, workflow, structure and implement in your organization.

Final notes

I have missed all these on my initial work from days and suffered a lot. Learnt these and practising these on all work from office/home days. Able to do good work life balance nowadays.

Thanks for Collabnet, Netcalyx and TVFPlay team for providing me great opportunities to learn these and believing on me.

ILUGC Monthly Meet – March 14, 2020 – 4-6 pm – IITM (starting time changed to 16:00 IST due to summer season)

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on
Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) in Chennai since January 1998.

We usually meet on the second Saturday of every month, and for the
month of March we shall meet on Saturday, March 14, 2020 at
1600 IST

Venue: Classroom No 1,
Aerospace Engineering,
Near Gajendra Circle,
IIT Madras.
Link for the Map:

Talk Details:

Talk 1:

Topic: C development environment for GNU Emacs

Description: We will go through a GNU Emacs setup for working on C
projects. A number of Emacs Lisp packages and extensions to help in
project development will also be demonstrated

Duration: 30 mins

Speaker: Shakthi Kannan

About Speaker: Shakthi Kannan is a Free Software developer, who blogs

Talk 2:

Topic: Introduction to Crosstool-NG

Description: Introducing audiance to what is mean my cross compilation.
How to generate cross compilation tools for target architecture using
Crosstool-NG and how to cross-compile a C program for RaspberryPi
(armhf architecture) from Ubuntu (x86_64 architecture) using generated
cross compilation tools.

Duration: 30 mins

Speaker: Mohan. R

About Speaker: Just another FOSS enthusiast

After Talks:

QA & general discussions

Entry free. All are welcome.

Mohan R

How to fix login sessions error in mediawiki?


I have a mediawiki server running for few years. Suddenly for past 3 days, it gave the some error on logging in and prevented any users to login.

The error message is as below :

There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Go back to the previous page, reload that page and then try again.

To fix this, I tried the below things.

create a folder tmp in /var/www/html/wiki and gave 777 permission to tmp folder.

Added below items in LocalSettings.php


$wgMainCacheType = CACHE_ANYTHING;
$wgSessionCacheType = CACHE_DB;

adding these entries does not fix the issue.

Wanted to check what is happening on mediawiki side and enabled debug log file.

created the file debug.log, changed ownership to www-data

touch /var/www/html/wiki/debug.log
chown www-data /var/www/html/wiki/debug.log

added the below entry in LocalSettings.php

$wgDebugLogFile = “/var/www/html/wiki/debug.log”;

This gave interesting error messages, in the debug.log file.

[SQLBagOStuff] DBError: A database query error has occurred. Did you forget to run your application’s database schema updater after upgrading?
Query: SELECT keyname,value,exptime FROM `objectcache` WHERE keyname = ‘wikidb:MWSession:o6322v94oim3dvp358ma09f7alat8a10’
Function: SqlBagOStuff::getMulti
Error: 145 Table ‘./wikidb/objectcache’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired (localhost)

It seems some issues with the objectcache table. We have to repair it.

Took a backup of all tables except objectcache table.

mysqldump -u root wikidb –ignore-table=wikidb.objectcache > database.sql

Repaired with the below commands.

mysql -u username -p password

mysql> use wikidb
Database changed

mysql> REPAIR TABLE objectcache;
| Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text |
| wikidb.objectcache | repair | info | Wrong bytesec: 194-187- 44 at 83552960; Skipped |
| wikidb.objectcache | repair | info | Found link that points at -2449303559651474622 (outside data file) at 138477780 |
| wikidb.objectcache | repair | warning | Number of rows changed from 123426 to 123422 |
| wikidb.objectcache | repair | status | OK |
4 rows in set (9.07 sec)

This command fixed the table and login issue was gone.

Thanks for the wonderful mediawiki community to provide awesome software and solutions on issues.

The below links help me to explore the problem.

Gave a Talk on Tamil Computing

Last saturday, I gave a talk on “Recent efforts on Tamil Computing” at Gradient Optimisers Community Meetup.

Feburary 2020 Meetup – Tamil Computing & Pytorch Vs Tensorflow2.0

Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, 10:00 AM

A-1,2 Chennai, Ta

125 Members Went

Meetup would be live streamed in this zoom link Hello! Gradient Optimizers. The celebration season is all gone. Now it’s time to get some learning in. Agenda 10:00 – 10:30 – Introductions, Welcome 10:30 – 11:30 – Tamil Computing 11:45 – 12:45 – Pytorch Vs Tensorflow2.0 12:45 – 1:00 – What’s next and See yous! 1. P…

Check out this Meetup →

Used the below slides

The crowd was mostly developers and they wondered on the needs, current development and possibilities of language computing.

I explored the open-tamil python library.

Here is the video on my talk.

Thanks for Saama Technologies Lab for their wonderful efforts on community building.

Met interesting people there and discussed great topics after the meet.

Thanks for all Open-Tamil Contributors and Tamil Computing Contributors.





Created my first snap package for Ubuntu – deskew

Creating a snap package for a command line binary seems so easy.

Today, I Built a snap for "deskew" package.

About deskew :
Deskew is a tool for deskewing scanned text documents. Deskewing is a
term used for fixing the scans to get the lines of text straight. That
means rotating the image of the scanned page a little to compensate
for the misalignment of the paper in the scanner.


followed this tutorial for snap.

created a snap for deskew command line tool.

it can be installed via
sudo snap install –channel=edge deskew –devmode

will add deskew gui soon.

here is the repo for the snapcraft.yaml

Thanks Ubuntu for the nice SnapCraft system.

PyCon India 2019 – few notes

This is year PyCon India 2019 was hosted by ChennaiPy community in Chennai. This is my first Python conference.

As they have conducted “PySangamam” event last year, they got good expertise on running a conference.  It is not easy. It requires one year of planning and huge team of volunteers. Most of the time, all these great things are driven by very few volunteers.

Tons of thanks for all the ChennaiPy team for the great event.

It was a two-day event. But, I attended for the first day only. We had an ebook making event on the next day.


Fanboy moment 🙂

with Prabu Ramachandran, Founder of Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai  –

On the very first moment at the registration desk, I found Dr. Prabu Ramachandran, from IIT Bombay. He is the founder of my alma mater, Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai. He was so happy to hear that the group is still active and monthly meetings are going regularly. Tons of thanks for your great initiatives sir. With ILUGC only, we are reaching gaining more knowledge and getting more longtime friends.

Prabu, Gopi, Shrini, Mohan  – ilugc friends

As this is multi track conference, I choose the below talks and listened them.

1. Python Packaging – where we are and where we’re headed – Pradyun Gedam

2. Rest in peace REST. The rise of GraphQL – Abhishek Mishra

3. Ragabot – Music Encoded – Vikrant Patil

Conferences are like Indian Marriages. We get to see all the friends there, but very little time to spend with them.

I saw many friends from ilugc, chennaipy, VillupuramGlug, KDE, PyDelhi, DelhiLug, DGPLug etc. Met few old colleagues from CollabNet.

Poster Presentation

Our poster on Kaniyam Foundation – Shrini & Khaleel

Apart from the regular talks, there were many poster presentations. Registered teams can show a poster and explain their works, about their communities, their contributions etc. I and Khaleel had a poster on “Kaniyam Foundation” – Our one-year-old kid for Tamil Computing activities.


Poster on Kaniyam Foundation

We got much appreciation from the visitor and few shown interest to volunteer.

The other posters were impressive. It is a very good moment to see all the passionate free software contributors to see in a single place.

For the first time, I saw the “KDE India team“. There were 5 young kde contributors showing KDE, Krita, Plasma Mobile, Kde Connect and other KDE features. I am a KDE user for around 10 years, I felt like meeting family friends. I spent much time in the stall. Thanks KDE team. I am so happy to meet you all.

KDE Stall


Villupuram GLUG stall is the only stall from a rural place. Good to see their efforts on taking free software to the tier-3 towns and villages. We need more and more GNU/Linux users groups all over the country as they are the mother for all the free software communities and contributions,

Sathish on VillupuramGLUG stalls

There was a circuit python stall, which displayed many electronic toys made with python.

Circuit Python

Wondered to see an electronic ID card called PyBadge. I may buy it soon. ( Can it show Tamil? )

Happy to see a college kid from SRM, Abhilash, showing his efforts on OCR for Bangla language.

OCR for Bangla language


There were two silent conference tracks. Yes. they are really silent. You can hear only through the headphones provided. This is an intelligent idea to share the same big hall to two conference tracks.

Silent Conference Talk – Pic by Shiny Parashar

From the day one of planning, the conference team were excellent at every actions. From updating the attendees over mail setting up a zulipchat for the participants, Setting up Play areas for Kids, silent rooms for mothers and more.

Thanks for all the volunteers behind this great event. I dont have words to thank Vijaykumar. With his tireless efforts and enthusiasm on Python and Free Software, we are witnessing great events in chennai.

Pycon Paarticipants


Thanks for all the Sponsors of the Pycon India 2019

Sponsors of the Pycon India 2019


Here are my few clicks on the event –

Here is a collectively shared album to see all the great moments captured all over the event. –


Kaniyam Foundation July, August, September 2019 Report

Report in Tamil

Report in English

Kaniyam Foundation July, August, September 2019 Report


An environment where all virtual resource, tools and knowledge related to Tamil Language and ethnic groups, are accessible free and open to all.


To ensure that the use of Tamil language is advanced, parallel to social economic and scientific development and to provide knowledge and resources free and open to all.


1000 Ebooks

Published a call for donation to buy 1000 ebooks in unicode format here –

Here is the happy news

University of Toronto, Canada (UTSC) , has provided all the amount to purchase these 1000 ebooks. We have to make and release all the ebooks as epub, mobi, PDF, HTML, txt, odt with cover images in short time. The following works are being done. Hiring few full timers for this work, Training materals as text, video for them, MoU between Kaniyam and UTSC, Announcement document of releaseing all these books in Creative Commons license. Public announcement is here

As we plan for 3-4 full timers, we need to pay them as monthly salary. We are looking for donations to cover this expense.

Thanks for all the donors.


No Activities This Month Total This Month Contributors
1 Ebooks 26 585 Lenin Gurusamy, suriya,S. Rajeswari, G.Sumathi, Thara, shrinivasan
2 articles 46 858 Divya – Haripriya – R.Asokan – S.Kuppan – P.Mahalakshmi – Muthu
3 Videos 5 56 Khaleel, P.Mahalakshmi

Tamil Wikisource

Created a project page at Tamil wikisource for kaniyam contributions. Wrote about the goals, guidelines for contributors etc. 9 contributors joined so far. 36 ebooks are proofread, validated fully and released. 12 books are proofread and waiting for validation. Here is the List of books being worked on


Releasing Digital Works on Creative Commons License

  • Discussing with A.Marx to release his works in Creative Commons license See here
  • Dravidian Research Facebook Group released their content in CC-BY-SA License See here
  • Discussing with Payanam Publishers to release their works in Creative Commons license See here
  • Discussing with Naveena Alezander to release his works in Creative Commons license See here
  • Discussing with S.Dhivan to release his works in Creative Commons license See here
  • Meeting with Alur Sha Nawas see here
  • M.S.Udhayamurthy Books – Discussion See here
  • Marxist Magazine – Dicsussion – See here
  • Nandini devi Discussion – See here

Thanks to Khaleel Jageer, Anwar for finding great content team and asking them to release their works in Creative Commons License.


  1. Sanga Elakkiyam – Following the android app for Tamil Sangam Literature, we are working on to release a website for this. Anitha created the website. See here and

Scanning a very old book

‘Pathartha Guna Sindamani’ is an old book, released in 1888. Warrant Bala gave this book for scanning. Kalyan of scanned the book. PDF is here Details here

Collecting all the nouns in Tamil

We started to collect all the nouns in Tamil. Details are here

In this spreadsheet, totally 90,811 nouns are added.

Thanks to Divya for the great contributions.

Translating strings in to Tamil needs strings to translated in Tamil. Started a project for this. Details are here

Anitha is getting the strings from OSM and Arunachalam,Raman are translating them.

Scan, OCR, Proofread

When writers release their works in CC license, they give as print books or as PDF files. We started to Scan them, do OCR, Proofread and release as ebooks. Thara joined the team as fulltimer for proofreading works.

Contributors – Anwar (Gets the books), Lenin Gurusamy (Scan), Anwar (OCR), Thara (Proofread)

So far 2600 pages have been proofread. Project details are here.

New Projects

Writing the discussions about new projects here.

This month Donors

No Name Donation
1 Unknown 500
2 Unknown 2,000
3 Balavignesh 3,000
4 Vijaya kumar 10,200
5 Lokesh 10,200
6 Ramkumar 3,400
7 Ramanathan 2,040
8 Ranjith 6,868
9 Prem Kumar 2,070
10 Ravishankar 1,700
11 Jebaraj 1,360
12 Suresh 3,400
13 Bharath 10,000
14 Sivakumari avudaiyappan 2,000
15 Amazon Ebooks Sales Royalty 810
16 Unknown 500
17 Unknown 300
18 Vijaya Kumar 70,424

Total – Rs 1,30,772

Dontations – Internet Resources

  • Noolaham Foundation – server worth of Rs 350/month
  • E2E Networks – server worth of Rs 730/month

Last month balance – Rs 1,20,995


No Name Details Expense
1 Sasi WikiSource Proofreading 2,915
2 Thara Proofreading 24,000
3 Divya WikiSource Proofreading 2,265
4 Info-farmer WikiSource Proofreading 10,860
5 Arun WikiSource Proofreading 3,315
6 Muthu Lakshmi WikiSource Proofreading 3,085
7 Deepa Arul WikiSource Proofreading 3,147
8 Anwar WikiSource Proofreading 3,147

Total expenses – Rs 50,587

Total Balance – Rs 1,20,995 + Rs 1,30,772 – Rs 50,587 = Rs 2,01,180

Donations and expense details are documented in this sheet .

Bank account details

Kaniyam Foundation
Account Number : 606 1010 100 502 79
Union Bank Of India
West Tambaram, Chennai
IFSC - UBIN0560618
  • Please send your donations to this account to support activities of Kaniyam Foundation
  • Send your name, donation details to

For more information or queries, write to –

Pages 22

Clone this wiki locally


Thamizhmann Publishers

Thamizhmann Publishers, in Chennai are publishing rare, old, prolific Tamil writers books, for 30 years. Their books are study materials for Tamil Studies in many universities.

They have released complete works collections famous authors like Paavanar, Sami sithambaram, Na.Mu.Ve nadar, Mayilai Seeni Vengadasamy, Vellai Varanar, Ilangumaranar,, Rajamanikanar, saminatha sarma, Ovai Duraisamy,Mudiyarasan, Na.Si. Kandaya, Maraimalai adigal, Va.Suba. Manikanar, Appadurai and more.

Along with these they have published many dictionaries, Tamil music related books, etc.

Books List

  • Barathidasan – 167
  • Ka. Appadurai – 98
  • Ilangumaranar – 80
  • Saminatha sarma – 76
  • Na.Si. Kandaiya – 65
  • – 54
  • Paavanar – 53
  • Maraimalai adigal – 52
  • Saami chidambaranar – 37
  • Rajamanikkanar – 39
  • Manikkam – 34
  • Na.Mu.Ve nadar – 32
  • Ovai Duraisamy – 32
  • Pulavar Kulandai – 28
  • Sangam literature – 22
  • Mudiyarasan – 22
  • Vellai Vaaranar – 21
  • Mayilai Seeni Vengadasamy – 20
  • Tholkappiyam – 19
  • Pathinen-kil-kanakku – 18
  • Tamil Grammar Dictionary (Gopal Iyer) – 18
  • Ragavan – 16
  • Sadasivam – 16
  • Tolkappiyam – 15
  • Literature -15
  • Paavanar – 13
  • Tamil Nadu History – 12
  • Soma sundara Barathiyar – 10
  • Tamil scholars – 10
  • Ramanathan – 10
  • Tamil Dictionary – 10
  • Karunamirtha Sagaram -7
  • Aim-perum-kapiyam – 5
  • Muthu-mozhi-kalanjiyam – 5
  • Subbu Reddy– 3
  • Silver Jublee Tamil Dictionary – 3
  • Ara neri vilakkam – 3
  • Yarl Dictionary – 2
  • N.C. Kandaiya Dictionary – 2
  • Moral Books – 2
  • Kurunthogai Vilakkam – 1

Total Pages – More than 2,00,000 (2 lakh)

Total Books – 1,165

Releasing Nationalized books as Ebooks

Tamil Virtual Academy has released around 2000 Nationalized Books as PDF files in Public Domain license. Tamil Wikisource volunteers have OCRed them and proofreading them to fix the spell errors. This task is seeking huge amount of manual effort and time. It may take few decades to proofread all these 2000 books.

As Thamizhmann Publications is publishing these public domain books as print books, we discussed with them, to ask if they have these books in unicode format. For our surprise, they have all these books in unicode format as MS Word Documents.

We explained our works at, and proof read works. They wondered and wished for our contributions.

They agreed to give all these 1000s of books (more than 2 lakh pages) in unicode word format,for Kaniyam Foundation to release as Free Ebooks. Once they are released, we will get all the Tamil Scholars complete works for free.

We agreed compensate with some money for their great works for 30 years and giving all the 1000s of books as unicode word documents.

We said that we can give Rs 5 Lakh. 5,00,000 INR. If we calculate, it comes as 2.5 Rs/Page.

After we received the books, we will add cover images. Then, will publish in and http://FreeTamilEbooks as epub, mobi, A4 PDF, 6 inch PDF formats so that anyone can read in any device.

A Happy News

University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada donated all the price for all the ebooks, including taxes. We have to make the ebooks as epub, mobi, PDF, HTML, txt, odt formats with cover images as soon as possible.
We are currently working on splitting the MS word documents, provided by Thamizhmann Publishers, as individual documents for ebook making.

Call for Donations

All the 1000 ebooks are great assets for Tamil Language. Releasing them as good quality ebooks is a high energy demanding work.

We are working on automating most of the works, recruiting team, training them, making training documents and videos for them, MoU between Kaniyam and UTSC, etc.

As there will be 3-4 full time employees for this project, there will be lot of expenses. Help us with your Donations.

Bank Details

Kaniyam Foundation
Account Number : 606 1010 100 502 79
Union Bank Of India
West Tambaram, Chennai
IFSC - UBIN0560618
  • Please send your donations to this account to support activities of Kaniyam Foundation
  • Send your name, donation details to


Transparency Policy

All the works of kaniyam Foundation, Donations, Expenses are published as monthly reports at

New project ideas are discussed here

In this spreadsheet, all the donations/expenses are shared


Announcement of Thamizhmann Publishers Books in Creative Commons License

Here is the announcement in English and Tamil along with their book list.

in Tamil –

In English –

Download PDF Books

Here you can download PDF version of these ebooks.

We will convert to epub, mobi, HTML, txt, wiki formats in 6 months and release in





We thank Thamizhmann Publishers, University of Toronto Scarborough Canada, CIS-A2K Bengaluru, Donors, Kaniyam Volunteers, Tamil Wikipedia Community, Tamil Wikisource Community for their great support for this great project.