Bid adieu to Facebook Technical Groups

Bid adieu :

Thanks all for making an energetic tech community.

Unfortunately, the platform we choose as a base for our community
is not making our discussions open to public.

All the content we discuss are from the public and should be for the public.

But the facebook makes sure that the content is not available for public
via any search engine.

Other issues I found with facebook groups are

1. Cant search old archives
2. Cant give the links of the discussions to anyone
3. Facebook distracts a lot and reduces productivity
4. Cant refer these groups to friends as Facebook is blocked in most of the places
5. Discussions can not be backed up when Facebook dies
6. No RSS Feeds are available

I cant tolerate when someone forces me not to share any stuff.
So, Leaving this facebook group Now.

I am being a part of many technical mailing lists for ages,
where we reach thousands of users.
Never found any issues on them.

Feel free to add me if you migrate any open mailing list.

Thanks and Wishes,


Sent the above mail to all the tech groups in facebook that I was a part and unsubscripted from those groups today.


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